The Legacy

Interesting debate on radio 5 earlier. I'm sure it will be on listen again soon.

Talking about the legacy of the games. Bringing back proper sports days at school with winners and losers. Kris Akabusi wanted a wednesday sports afternoon in all schools (you can take the man out of the Army but not the...etc.)
They even had Tony Blair on (god knows why) claiming that he spent loads on sport when he was in power and always looked at it as important!!!

Steve Backly made a good point about non competative sports days by saying how did we let it happen? He said he had never spoken to anyone who thought it was a good idea.

So after the good feelings of a sucsessful games has died down, how do we ensure that future Chris Hoy's and Mo Farrah's
compete in 8 or 12 years time. Another point that was made is look at how bad Greece and Australia are doing in London bearing in mind they only recently held the games.

I think we need to start paying specialists in schools to hold after hours sports clubs. Local sports centres should be subsidised if they provide free or dirt cheap facilities for kids. It would be a shame if we let this chance slip away.

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