The Legacy of Lawrence of Arabia BBC2

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by tropper66, Jan 16, 2010.

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  1. Rory Stewart doing the life and legacy of T E Lawrence and his effect on today after over 80 years, look interesting
  2. I watched some of it and it was quite interesting.

    However, I laughed like a drain when the presenter suggested that "Lawrence opted for camels..." when looking for transport. As if there was anything else that was capable of surviving in the desert at the time...

  3. Even Mrs Foggy remarked that it was interesting (after lying on the couch and snoring through half of it mind you). The next part should be well worth a watch also. Curious to see how many paralells he manages to draw from the influence Lawrence may have had in the formation of modern Saudi to the current state of play in the middle east.
  4. Really? Then I wonder how the Arabian horse got its name and earned its reputation?

    I think you'll find that El Awrence was commenting on their ability as beasts of burden...............that and using them to ride down to the nearest Turkish Army post for some man-love.
  5. meridian

    meridian LE Good Egg (charities)

    didnt he have rather a fondness for the Rolls Royce armoured car as well
  6. Horses are fine and dandy but need water more often than the camel. And the camel has wide feet which are much better when walking on soft sand.

  7. Not disputing any of that, but the Arabian horse was (and remains) a potent status symbol, certainly amongst the Bedou and was the preferred method of going to war.
  8. He's mdone a lot for his relative youth. I arrived at BP just after he left. He left a few copies of Prince of the marshes around.

    He couldn't be any worse than his replacements
  9. Is the prog on line somewhere?

    Would be good to have a look and see the presenters take on things. I can't get bbc 2 since being transported to the colonies, so if a link is available it would be much apreciated :D
  10. I tuned in, but quickly became bored of him talking about himself. That said, he's obviously a capable guy with plenty of ambition. I'd vote for him over anyone presently in Government.
  11. I thought it was quite good, the thought that Arabs think of Lawrence and Bin-Laden as doing the same thing, getting rid of occupying forces, be they Turkish,Russian,or US/British was a bit of history once again repeating itself. Both Stewart and Pete Ashner most certainly know the Arab world and mentality, and should be listened too, as they seem a hell of a lot more clued up than the F****** idiots that are now Bull shiteing there way out of trouble at the Iraq inquiry.
  12. There ya go:

    I watched it, seeing as he lived, died and is buried here, and found it interesting.
  13. Won't work in the colonies. Its part of the punishment.
  14. [quote="Baseplate]... using them to ride down to the nearest Turkish Army post for some man-love.[/quote]

    I don't think it was ever proved one way or the other, was it? Remarkable man, though. I can't comment on any Middle East legacy he may have left, but I have a copy of his translation of The Odyssey which is a work of art in itself. Pity about that motorbike accident.
  15. Serves him right for joining the Crabs.......Ouch.

    I was looking forward to the programme - but found it a bit longwinded and thought the presenter (Stephen Gately's long lost twin?) was overly self-obsessed. Some fantastic location shots, some good insights into 'Arab' culture and perspective and interesting parallels between then and now but on occasions I felt he was rather stretching the point.

    The American military's fascination with Lawrence was an interesting discovery.

    I have a copy of Seven Pillars of Wisdom but have never managed to finish it.

    Lawrence of Arabia is still one of the best films ever made!