The Leader is mighty!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by fltpilot, Apr 14, 2013.

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  1. Interesting article on the leader.
    Is he just misunderstood?
    Or a complete nutter on the brink of thermo nuclear war?

    Inside North Korea: No ads, no planes, no internet, no mobiles, no 21st Century...
    A rare dispatch from deep within the lunatic rogue state enslaved by Zombie and Sons.
    John Sweeney enters the secretive state to see 'the true North Korea'.
    Travelled undercover as journalists are barred from entering it.
    He found the regime 'a more frightening tyranny than Saddam's Iraq'.
    North Korea hosted a marathon event to mark the birthday of the late leader Kim Il Sung.

    More @ Inside North Korea: A rare dispatch from deep within the lunatic rogue state enslaved by Zombie and Sons | Mail Online
  2. He's just a fuckin nutter....
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  3. I would love to see someone walk up and just slap him, im sure he would start blubbing.
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  4. I'd pay to see that, in fact I'd volunteer [I know they said never volunteer for anything but in the circumstances] shall we start a fund off?
  5. OK, ill chip in 40p and 2 glass irn bru bottles (20p each)
  6. Stop right there ~ I'll do it for that.......
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  7. Cheap Bastard....i think i love you!
  8. Aye but I bet his fucking barber would put yer on yer arse.
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  9. Many have tried...
  10. The writer finds it odd that officers don't carry weapons when going to the circus; do British officers tool up to attend theatrical performances then?
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  11. Undercover Sweeney:'I went in with a group of holiday makers'.

    Oh no you didn't, old son, you inserted yourself into a group of students from the LSE while masquerading as some sort of professor and would have seen everyone on the group dropped into the deepest shit imaginable if you had been 'outed'.

    Everyone in the group was unknowingly put at risk by the jack fucker, and now there's a hell of a row going on about it all.
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  12. Given that the two Koreas are legally in a state of war (having signed a ceasefire but not a peace treaty), would NK have been within its rights, had it rumbled Sweeney, to have shot the entire party as spies? (Though of course they're nasty and bonkers enough to have done it anyway).

    I wonder how the BBC would have explained that one away.
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  13. Where did all this come from did someone delete something?

  14. Haven't come across many Duke of Lancs officers, eh? That said, the only ones I knew who had been to the theatre were on PRMAS courses.
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  15. Most officers still carry their weapons when attending the circus, as far as I can recall......of course it's not called a circus outloud, it's still known as OC's O group.....
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