The law of armed conlfict

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Silent_Scope, Apr 11, 2005.

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  1. I was looking over this and as alot of the points are good many of them are quite silly when you think about it, for instancenever stab someone with a rusty bayoette to avoid blood poisoning. Hello? you are trying to kill them if you stab them. That is very stuipid but apart form the very funny bideo to go along with it the LOAC i very sensible (and funny)
  2. But the LOAC don't apply when you have a forklift & a camera
  3. I think you'll find it's not against the LoAC to stab someone with a rusty bayonet... it is however against the LoAC to deliberatly allow the bayonet to get rusty, or make it dirty in any other way, specifically to cause your enemys wounds to be worse due to infection. Avery fine line to tread but not difficult if you use a little common sense.
  4. yeah you are right, what if the bayonette gotcoverd in dirt during combat. would it still be against the rules? (i am young dads in the army want to learn)
  5. Nothing wrong with wanting to learn. And the lesson is, yes the bayonet can get dirty during the battle, battles are not operating theaters. What you aren't allowed to do is deliberatly stick it in dirt, sh1t, poison in order to inflict worse injuries on your enemy.

    It's not all that simple however. When your bayonet is looked after properly it should be lightly oiled in order to prevent rust. However, as oil my cause a wound to become worse it should be cleaned off as part of your battle prep. Leave it off too long and you are at risk of being accused of allowing your bayonet to become rusty on purpose. Some days you just can't win, however you really only have to worry if you are on the loosing side, still alive and the enemy find you with the 'evidence'. I like to end with a little good news :wink:
  6. cool, just like putting the sctratching the crosses on the end of your bullet is against the rules as they are meant to 'incapacitate' rather than kill and when you stratch the cross in the bullet will explode on impact and no dought kill the unlucky bloke on the recieving end.
  7. Apparently your dad is in the army and could have asked him, now you are asking about LOAC...

    See above answer...

    Yet you talk on here about LOAC as if you have seen the video, but had no idea where to find information relating to Op TELIC?

    Did you PM the MOD, like it was suggested on another thread?
  8. Modifying the ammo is just naughty, I believe that 'crossing' the round will cause it to fragment further, making a cleanup opperation a bitch and prolonging the suffering of the casualty.. If it's not dead.

    I am by no means a ballistics expert, so feel free to correct me, but I can hit a cows backsidewith a spade about 5 times out of 10.


    Please keep it general and not turn the thread into 'the science of gunshot wounds' 101.
  9. well i am no journo, and yes i have seen the LoAC video with consent from the Captain monitering the video. Ignore me if you like and yes i just Pm a mod about me and i am waiting for his decision. it is clear to me i am seen as a journolist on this website and i am feeling offended as i am not I am keen to learn about the army as i am thniking of joining the Cadets and i want a furthur headstart into what i would like to be a taste of the career i want to take up.
  10. If they're calling you a journo it means they love you really, it's a term of affection. Pretty much every member of the site is accused of being a journo atleast once, deal with it.

    Admitting to wanting to join the cadets may well be inviting piss taking... Says a STAB. Nah they're ok really...

    Back to LOAC vid-"Oi, Give that back!", "Why? He won't need it where he's going", great taches.
  11. thanks TA_sig I hope the bbc dont call me to confirm i aint one though someone else had them call him. P.s the 1986 LoAC video is funny the acting is rubbish!
  12. When did the ACF start being used in combat? 8O
  13. the havent, but i am not old enough for the regular or territorial armies.
  14. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    TA_Sig, here's your aside.

    Hunting rounds are designed to expand in order that the quarry is killed as rapidly as possible.
    Military rounds are not supposed to expand or fragment because those involved in drawing up the original convention were less informed than perhaps they should have been.
    Apparently it was seen as a better idea that a soldier should die slowly of blood loss.
    It is interesting to note that the FMJ/non-expanding clause was not ratified by a number of countries - the UK and the USA amongst them.

    Ammunition manufacturers use a good deal of time and money in constructing expanding rounds, and ensure that their projectiles remain accurate.
    Cutting a cross in, or filing off the end of a bullet looks the biz in Hollywood, however it will not guarantee expansion but will more likely impair it's accuracy.
    One of, if not the most important quality you need from your ammunition is accuracy.

    Now back to the thread.
  15. may i add that the primary objective for a bullet is to INCAPACITATE rather than kill, and Medical officers are not allowed to be delibaratly. There is a certain type of bullet the 5.56 round is currently going through court to decide wether it is actually designed to kill or incapcitate. This has been going on for the past 15+ years.