The Law is an ASS

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by rupert-bleep, Oct 8, 2004.

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  1. I was horrified nay disgusted when reading the quality newspaper the sun today to find that a hospital had asked for a court ruling to despatch the young innocent life of that baby that has been in the papers..
    Arent the medical proffesion supposed to save lives :evil:
    I was even more upset to find that the "Judge" has sanctioned the above..
    How must the parents feel...
    how would you feel if some nob said that your child would not have a quality life and there fore end its life...
    What the fuk is the world comming to.
    i am disturbed by this and i would be interested to hear your points of

  2. the parts i have seen/heard, the child will never leave hospital, as it will require constant intensive care. and I suppose technically they are not going to "dispatch" the babies life, it is more of they will not resuscitate. rock and a hard place comes to mind. still a shitty predicament for all to be in.
  3. The kid is in constant pain , cannot breathe for itself , is to all intents and purpouses a cabbage , and will always need 24 hour care , bad enough for the short spell of life the poor little things had to endure already , who in their right mind would want to prolong that ..... if it was a dog the RSPCA would be down on you like a ton of bricks.
    tough tough call for the parents , and not one i would like to make , but in this case i feel the doctors are right.
  4. My main issue is the fact that the hospital went over the parents head...yes it is a tough call and i really feel for the parents. it makes me sad...i have small kids and i would not want to be in their situation.....
    Life sucks..... :cry:
  5. I strongly agree with shortfuse on this one, that poor baby was deaf, blind and in agony. It couldnt breathe outside the artificial environment created for it - that is far more cruel than letting the poor thing pass away peacefully.

    I actually feel the parents were a little selfish - clinging onto a hope that would never come, for their own feelings rather than the childs. Heartbreaking but the judge made the most humane decision in my book.

    I hope if my child was ever in that much pain with such poor quality of life that I would be adult enough to let him go rather than desperately cling on to him.
  6. Speaking as a dad of 3 weeks and one day, Mrs Speedy and I sat down and discussed this the other day, and after reading up on the situation both of us decided it would be far, far cruler to let the child live than to let it die peacefully. To condemn a baby to a short life of pain and agony is not something I would ever wish to inflict on an infant.
  7. It is a tough choice but it demonstrates that there are limits to what medical science can do......................its a tragic case but having reached stalemate the hospital had no choice but to ask for direction from the courts
  8. If the parents are incapable of making an objective decision why should the child continue to suffer?
  9. let me make my point clear...
    i understand this particular issue and yes it will probably be better for child. i aonly meant to say it would be a tough call.

    How long before the courts can rule all parts of a parents life...this is how it starts :x
  10. the courts only got involved on the request of both parties to resolve what had become a stalemate , with the unfortunate child stuck in limbo , i wouldn't even have liked to be the judge on this one , but it's gonna be impossible for the parents to be objective when they've just planned and created a new life , only to first of all find it isn't the life they'd hoped for , and secondly to end it ....... what a bummer :(
  11. I see where you are comimg from R_B. This case seems pretty clear cut but what about the next one? Was the medical decision purely based on the childs suffering or does tying up medical assets for X number of years becomes a consideration. I wonder if the judge would clarify what level of pain or incapacity was the tipping point.

    Could be old folks next or people in long term commas.

    Still, what a b*stered of a decision to have to make.
  12. Sat down with Mrs Skjold the other day, and asked the "what IF questions" , about baby Skjold when he\she gets here in March 05.
    And by far the hardest one to answer for us is what IF the baby has a disability that is detected early( before birth). or is cabbage after birth.

    The answer we came to was "we dont know". :? We came up with more questions than answers
  13. I agree, it's an awful dilemma. These matters are usually resolved between the parents and the medics, but, unfortunately, in this instance, there wasn't a consensus and it fell to the judge to decide. A judge is probably best placed to make an objective decision, in the best interests of the poor little soul.

    A few years ago, this baby would probably have died at birth and nature would have taken its course. As medical science advances, the ability to preserve life will be stretched ever further. But should we always preserve life at any cost? Isn't quality of life sometimes a more important consideration than the preservation of physical life itself?
  14. To my mind the crux of the matter is whether the right of the parents to want their daughter to live no matter what is more important than the fact that this poor girl is in constant pain, needs to live in an oxygen bubble which is slowly killing her etc...

    I think that the right descision was made but also feel that there are no winners in this whole sorry saga, only losers.
  15. Don't do it to yourselves, Mrs WH and myself had a similar dilema a few years back, in the end baby WH was born and we had to endure months of operations etc. We have a lovely 2 year old who's made a full recovery and will lead a normal happy life but we could have decided to terminate which would have been terrible, looking back the worst part was the constant "what if's"