The Laurel & Hardy 2009

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by MeOldChinagraph, Mar 11, 2009.

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  1. Well `The Laurel & Hardy 2009` arrived at the ex Mrs` House at the weekend – we still get on Whiskeybreath but I must change the address for correspondence from ICA.

    Anyway today was a `day orf` from the `office job` and sat with a brew and bacon sarnie digesting the tome. Obviously went straight to the Obituary section to check on whether anybody had pegged it that I knew and who owed me money ! Then flicked through the numerous photographs to see if I recognised anyone (not many) and then noticed the Corps Adjutants page – paragraph 4 page 7.

    I would have thought that naming the two INT CORPS platoons that make up the combined D Coy at Pirbright with names `associated` with the Corps was meant to motivate these direct entry soldiers – why then have them named after Senior Officers who `served the wider interests of our Corps and our soldiers with an enthusiasm and commitment that deserves to be enshrined` !

    What a load of bollox ! Other than the `sporting` trophies and a building (now allegedly a pile of rubble at Ashford) named after a now long dead WO surely the naming of the platoons could have been better thought out in order to foster a bit more motivation amongst direct entrant soldiers ?

    Not withstanding the list of fallen since page 55 just looking through the Obits of this year there are names listed who deserve better recognition. What about those who are now longer with us but achieved gallantry awards or achieved things after their service and were actually badged INT CORPS at the time ?

    As an example I am sure that the name `Mairs, Hashmi, Buchan or even Herzog Platoon would be a better motivating factor than some senior Rupert who with respect has nothing in reality in common than attendance at social functions and handing out the odd lanyard or silver cup !

    Rant over ! :p

    PS – I see that the Director still has that jovial smile !
    PS – I hope none of my ICA subs were used for that portrait on the front cover !

    PPPS - Subsonic, RWAC, CR (or any other Arrse names) Platoon were apparently considered but were rejected on the grounds of that they actually passed an A3 !
  2. The names Radford, Hearst, Farmer, Ingram, Aldridge & Blunt, to name few, Platoons were also considered but deemed not to be appropriate :oops:
  3. Is it that time of year again?

    When does the bleating about persec begin?
  4. At about the same time as you posted the above - Numpty ! :oops:
  5. IMHO these platoons should have been named after the most difficult tests from the "what's this any biscuit spotters in?" thread.

    Perhaps named after the most excellent Corps biscuit spotter of all times?

    Thankfully some semi-finalists who did not make the cut included :
    + "tongle tips" , "
    + "Paddigton Express Bixon"AKA sandy row desert group (SRDG) and
    + "NFM"
  6. Well I did mention the Rose and Pose a couple of days ago in a different thread but I didn't bleat about if.
    "Hartnell Platoon" has a fine ring to it if you are looking for a stimulating name for a training platoon.
    However, have you noticed the the adverts in the back...

    colour analysis
    facilitator for life development
    life coaching
    transformational therapist (WTF !)
    spiritual medium
    psychic services

    What happened to setting up your own guard dog company or doing a fork lift truck driver's course ?

    Edit: And the photograph, top right, page 57. What is it ? An over-manned security survey of a low, metal paling fence ?
  7. Yes I noticed it had all gone a bit touchy feely! Maybe we should have Pilates Platoon and Raiki Platoon?

    I don't like to agree with MOC but I thought the names for the platoons all sounded a bit sucky sucky. Have Maresfield Platoon and Templer Platoon already been done?
  8. Well, that fell out of the Top 50 at Light Infantry pace. I thought Sub and MOC would be blathering on for hours but obviously it's past their bed-time.

    Come on, top of page 57. Any takers. Didn't NNTT offer a prize for the worst photograph in the's looking like a winner. Although the two (?) entangled bodies in the snow hole (page 73) might be in with a chance.

    Remember the dark rooms in the sections. "I've just got some film to develop, sarn't major. I might be a while." Sleep.....
  9. As that other recently revived mob would say:

    "we have not gone to sleep you know"

    Just read the story of Capt Hotblack WW1 era - now that guy has some history and probably a film as well - move over McNab !

    Although `Hotblack Platoon` probably would not get through the Corps Sucking Up Commitee :D

    Is it me or does the penguin on the Corps Adjt page mean something else to former Herford readers :)
  10. How very dare you ! Since the RAF, RMP & E2's have been demonstrating that they are the int & sy experts in the commercial sector the above are actually the only jobs that ex Corps are getting !

    Suprised actually not to see an advert from the `Bagwam Tooooms` and his copulating kyrenian goats !

    Psychic services is the new Int Estimate !
  11. Ah...the old penguin... The Tiergarten, don't you remember with Rupert from the FCO and that nice chap, Sergei ?

    Actually, stuffed if I know what that's all about ! Above our pay grade, obviously.
  12. According to Dispatches the MOD have spent £16,000 on just this in the last few years, though they have now halted their search for answers from the other side.

    They should have read "The Men who stare at Goats" by Jon Ronson. That would have alerted them to the folly of their mission.
  13. I recall you many a day waiting for Tigers to get an answer to a question asked by a Frog :twisted:
  14. is that some sort of test? if it is, i failed... :?
  15. Fooled you ! You know I meant "57." Fingers are getting old and these type-writer keys are getting much too close together.