The latest work of genius from the PTT - Build a new Royal Yacht!


We've got no ships, we're on the bare bones of our arse, we're down to carrying out exercises using P2000's, and the self professed greatest military thinker of our time thinks we should squander umpteen gazillion quid on a Royal Gin Palace?

A new Royal Yacht?

One presumes this is so 1SL and Her Maj can review the two carriers we're buying at extortionate expense swinging at anchor because we can't afford to run them or buy the planes for them.
Floating diplomacy?

Get Kate and Pippa on one of these bad boys - job jobbed!

It would have given 'the happy couple' somewhere to honeymoon without the attentions of the paparazzi - but if that is all it is for it seems a touch over the top moneywise.

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