The latest thing to hit your local park - the Chav Flinger!

Who said Darwin wasn't ahead of his time?
That's just fcuking classic mate! good find!
I bet those two were sore after there flying experience!!!.
That's awesome!

You wait in hope and it doesn't disappoint! :D :D :D
There's a link to a version 2 but it says

This video has been removed due to terms of use violation.
I am prepared to generously donate my Gixer to help out.
Ah yes typical scum with their little 'motorbike' sewing machine engine messing around in public recreation areas, I hope they were badly injured you never know they might be mongs now.
fecking ace!!!!!

guru was that your bike?????
Being a geek, I worked out, as a ball park figure, that the roundabout is roughly 6m in circumfrence, even at 10k an hour road speed, the roundabout would have been doing about 25rpm.

At point of "take off" (for the two chavettes (priceless)) the roundabout was probably doing 3 or 4 times that!

Was the roundabout designed for that? In this case two girls got flung off, what if the whole roundabout had come off?

I would suggest a sign depicting the scene with a big cross through it be established at all parks, but then I though a sign with the word "idiot" and a cross through it would be a better catch all sign.


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Just think what they could have achieved with a decent bike 8)

Do you think these can be made to be belt-fed?, get rid of a lot more chavs that way :twisted:
hallveg said:
fecking ace!!!!!

guru was that your bike?????
Just remind me again, which one of us owns a mincing scooter????

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