The latest Taliban tactic?

Discussion in 'Afghanistan' started by Bingobongo, Apr 18, 2012.

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  1. Obviously IEDs are a very brave move but this just takes the biscuit....

    BBC News - Afghan schoolgirls in hospital after 'poison attack'

    To be fair it could have been somebody else other than the Taliban. There seems to be no end of nutters in that country opposed to the advancement of anything or anyone past the middle ages but still....poisoning school girls just seems to me to be a little bit beyond the pail.

  2. Looks like the whole country is a lost cause.
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  3. ehwhat

    ehwhat Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    The introduction of noxious/toxic elements in girls schools is a very common and under reported tactic. Too bad the journalists didn't link or check this:
    Afghanistan: Gas attack targets third girls' school - Adnkronos Security

    Afghan girls stay in school despite attacks -

    Featured Articles about Afghan Girl - Page 2 - CNN

    and of course the bombings
    Taliban blamed for bombing five schools - Washington Times

    Literally one could post links on this for days, not to mention uploading the UN, NGO and operational reports, but what's the point? We're all on our way out and the place will revert quicker than quick. The local people who hoped for better will be crushed, killed or fled.
  4. ehwhat

    ehwhat Old-Salt Book Reviewer

  5. I know it's not completely on-thread but to quote Ehwhat? "We're all on our way out and the place will revert quicker than quick." I suggest a visit to Kabul's Serena Hotel. It's really weird to sit supping coffee or having some of their freaking lush BBQ when just down the road there "are nutters who want to drag us back to the Middle Ages." I can't remember if it sells beer - I doubt it - but our fixer got them in as well as a bottle of Jack D. and some rancid Cola.
    Get in for a look before it all ends (in tears), but don't use the cashpoint at the airport. You'll never see the card again.
  6. A bit off topic ,but here is a glimmer of sucess
    Afghan security intercepts insurgents with 10,000 kgs of explosives - AlertNet

    KABUL, April 21 (Reuters) - Afghan security forces have detained five insurgents in Kabul, with 10,000 kilograms (22,046 lbs) of explosives they intended to use in a massive attack on crowded areas in the capital, an Afghan intelligence spokesman said on Saturday.

    "If this amount of explosives had been used, it could have caused large-scale bloodshed," National Directorate of Security spokesman Shafiqullah Tahiri told a news conference.

    The explosives were found stuffed into 400 bags and hidden under piles of potatoes in the back of a truck on the city outskirts.

    "Three Pakistani terrorists and two of their Afghan collaborators who placed the explosives under bags of potatoes in truck were caught," said Tahiri.

    The men, he said, had received training from members of the Pakistani Taliban, who have strong links with the Afghan Taliban.

    Afghan officials have long accused Pakistan of using insurgent groups like the Afghan Taliban as proxies in Afghanistan.

    Pakistan's government denies supporting or giving sanctuary to insurgents on its territory.

    Insurgents this week launched a coordinated assault on four provinces, targeting diplomatic and government areas of Kabul with rockets and gunfire in what they said was retaliation for abuses of Afghans by U.S. soldiers.

    The attacks showed the insurgency's resilience nearly 11 years since the Afghan Taliban were toppled.

    The Afghan Taliban claimed responsibility for the attacks and said it planned similar assaults in coming months. (Reporting by Hamid Shalizi, Writing by Rob Taylor,; Editing by Sanjeev Miglani)
  7. All the brave ones died storming ISAF patrol bases back in the day....
  8. The Taliban have apparently issued a statement denying responsibility and claiming that they're looking for the perpetrators themselves.

    Not that that means much.
  9. Shock news - taliban an 'organised' organisation!
  10. Seems just like another government learning from the great propaganda machine, and trying to deflect media attention from their lack of ability to secure the countries capital city (due to all the factors we arrsers are well versed in over these 11 years). At best this is just smoke and mirrors.
  11. You been reading those War books a bit too much, haven't you? You know Kabul is in Afghanistan, where is Mongland where you visited?