The latest media shit fight.

Discussion in 'Australia' started by goatrutar, Mar 1, 2012.

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  1. "RAR Buddies"? Dead set, when will people learn to not post shit up on ******* face tube?
  2. Careful, they might come looking on here! I think the chief of the Aussie Army is looking into this one. I'm sure Steven Smith (he's like the Aussie version of Geoff Hoon and Des Brown combined...scary!), will hold
    another press conference announcing a knee jerk over-reaction to the scandal. Just like the miss-informed 'women can now serve on the front line" idea.

    This time, "The RAR can no longer use or train with live ammuinition as its too agressive and causes the use of dis-tasteful facebook chat sites..." another quality idea.
  3. And the UK think we aren't sliding down the pc drain...

    And in another breaking story opposition forces are no longer to be referred to as "enemy". Instead they are to be referred to as "clients".
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  4. Yeah don't worry you British folks, Australia ans New Zealand are both going down the PC toilet too.
  5. Here's a bit of a media pack version of events. I do like the comments by 'Steve' the Combat Engineer who claims infantry are the lowest IQ in the army. Yeah mate I'd like you to say that to my face and a few others in person. Enjoy......

    We're not all like that, Army boys say - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)


  6. So we have a former Military Policeman and supposed RAE and RAEME gobbing off about the Infantry? What were they doing on an Inf. FB page? Have their bona fides been checked?
  7. ^ Exactly! The website......(and it's a facefuck site so I'm one of a handful of people left on the planet who aren't members) supposidly has a confirmation of 10 members having known an applicant before membership. Bit like 'I danced with a girl who danced with a bloke who know the rest'. A bit like being one of 'them'.
  8. Speaking of 'them', I thought the vast majority of them come from Infantry...can't be all that mindless then.
  9. ^......err......umm......yep.
  10. I blame Little jim for this. Dobbing little grass.
  11. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    "Sand Monkey"? What happened to that uniquely Australian term, "Nog"?
  12. Passed out of service in the late '80's along with the Vietnam vets.
  13. Stone me, mate! Are you in the infantry? I thought you was in the Corps of Royal Nucr .. Nekle .. bugger it (checks Google) Nuclear Scientists. ^_~
  14. ****! Cover is blown. *awaits Mossad knock on the door*

    There goes all those paid trips to North Korea and Iran, damn you 'explosive one' for blowing my cover.
  15. Its been a while since I was RAR but if memory serves, the correct term for Steven is something along the lines of "winging, jack, ignorant cnut". There used to be a dark corner of Tatts reserved for for his types crumpled, recently slapped forms.