The latest in another round of alleged Black on Black

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ugly, Feb 16, 2007.

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  1. Yes fry the buggers

  2. No the little darlins are misunderstood and should read the guardian

  3. Send them all to Anthrax island with nothing more than their bright orange jump suits and invite the

  1. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Gang related killings of under 16 year olds.
    Now whilst I have never really minded criminals knocking one another off it does cause problems when all the bad guys bar one gang is left and then they go to town on a power trip and innocents get hurt.
    I'm not saying any of these kids were or were not involved in gang crime or crime of any sort. I cannot prove that.
    I am saying that Operation Trident should perhaps be renamed as Operation trying to be seen to do something (or perhaps sumfink to use the local lingua!). Perhaps it could be called operation let them get on with it as long as it stays in South London!
    Its not the fault of the Police, its really the politicians who have removed effective deterrents over the years, staring with transportation then the death penalty. If these yoofs knew they would hang or fry for murder or get a minimum 25 years for carrying and 10 for accessory (and I dont mean owning a detachable butt) it would perhaps be better than you will be out in 2 years thats if we can secure a conviction at all.
    Areas of Iner cities are quickly becoming like Johannesburg where previously respectable areas are almost no go areas unless you are armed police.
    It is sad that despite the benefits these immigrants have brought us over the years they choose to import the jamaican street warfare of the last 30 years and see that as a cultural identity.
    I am not in favour of police death squads but if some of the little scrotes were disciplined by their parents then perhaps they wouldnt be such scum in the first place.
    The local spokesperson/relative/family friend who had the nerve to say that the Govt hadnt done enough to take guns off the streets was from planet lala land.
    Morons we can live with, stupid legislation is whats difficult, last night the relative or neighbour of another under 16 black kid murdered said the Govt arent doing enough to get guns off the street.
    I ask you since when has the govt done anything but hinder law enforcement. the death peanalty is whats needed for these crims. Then perhaps we will all feel safer!
    Should we pester downing street for a petition to bring in proper sentencing for armed crime? Send the buggers to anthrax island?
  2. What's with the youth of today would have been a better title.

    Interesting that the officer in charge of firearms crime is Cressida Dick. I know I've heard her name before, but I just can't quite remember where.
  3. Ran the de Menezes case?

  4. Was she the Officer in charge when the Brazilian guy, who was mistaken for a suicide bomber was shot
  5. I believe that she was the Operational Commander on the day, or some such thing. Hopefully she will use the same tactics to quieten this one down.
  6. Until this country and the Guardianistas stop mollycoddling these tossers and bring in some decent punishments ie 10 years with no remission for being in possession of any firearm or knife, incl replicas, sod all will change.

    Theres a lot to be said for the death penalty, it's already been proved that it provides a zero re-offending rate!
  7. Quite a high profile cop; my contacts have suggested that she might be top dog one day.

  8. Let the "gangstas" keep slotting each's their culture....Suits me Sir.
  9. Must find out how to put an irony smiley on.
  10. but many of them are from one parent families where the mother works all hours to provide for the family because the father buggered off before kid was born. Men seem to be pretty redundant in the family structure within some of this community - the women are very strong and will study at night, work in the day and bring up the family singelhandedley. This is where teenage boys go wrong - they have no role models such as we had where father and mother instill values and sense of responsibility towards others in our world. It is tragic and has gone much too far to reverse now. Their "strong" role models are the ganstas with cars and designer clothes. :frustrated: - known to us as "scum".
  11. What about innocent people that get caught in the crossfire, or the people to terrified to leave their houses because of all of this.

    Also, what do you mean by 'their culture' are you inferring black people or 'gangstas' in general?
  12. WAH!!!! And I note a handsome haul of takers...
  13. Have a word with yourself. Most of these single mums have never worked a day in their life. Its also a bit rich to say that people brought up in single parent environments lack values.
  14. Yes, Spiffy, after all, it's not like they're proper people like you and me, eh? Let's ignore the innocents who are shot (Charlene Ellis and Letitia Shakespeare were hardly "gangsters") and accept that 15 year olds who send offensive text messages bring death on themselves.

    And what on earth does "their culture" mean? If you are seriously suggesting that the murder of children is part of black british culture you need an O2 thief tag asap.
  15. I honestly cannot believe that nobody saw the mandatory five year sentence's age-limit's effects coming? Strewth has nobody watched Goodfellas at NSY or QAG?

    If I was a big Yardie, I would now be looking for twelve year old button-men. They will find them too...Firearms crime should mean a hell of a lot longer than five years and no all. Deterrence is all very well but it has to be really quite sticky. If you were an 18 year old "gangsta" and went down for five (i.e. tow and a half) years - well that's like being accepted for a Ph.D in terms of their "CVs".

    Guns are neutral. The real crime that needs to be addressed is either a)the underlying threads of drugs, protection et cetera or b)people being allowed to breed these kids and neither parent nor state actually taking forceful control of their upbringing and leaving them in a value-less desert!