The Latest Al-Jazeera presenter is.....

Hopefully, this will be a good thing. Perhaps there will be a bit more balance in al-Jazeera's broadcasting in the future.
I am old enough to remember Frost in his younger days. That Was The Week That Was, his highly satirical program on UK politics in early mid 60's.
From Rebel to conformist, like John Cleese they just follow the money as the grow old and mature.
Detest the Barstewards all of em.


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Christ, can you imagine if Paxo joined al-Jazeera! I can imagine him quoting the Qu'ran at senior politicians and Islamist trouble-makes and reducing them to tears! :D
The two Ronnies made thair name as a result of working with Frost. I wonder if Al Jazeera has similar plans.

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