The Late WO 1 (RSM) David Duffus MBE QOHldrs

I am very sad to have to tell you that WO1 (RSM) David Duffus MBE QOHldrs passed away yesterday. He had been ill for a while. He was RSM of the QOHldrs and 3 UDR. He was GSM Osnabruck Garrison in 1981 - 82. He attended Jocky's funeral in Killyleagh.

Rest in Peace Old warrior.

Mike 83
I met him in Nairn where he "guided" a then new subbie through the Remembrance Day parade he was organising.

A v good host afterwards at the Legion to the point I don't think the seniors remembered much of it. A good man.

Very Sad to hear that news. I will always remember Dykes when he was RSM in Hong Kong a True figure RSM, he kept me on the straight and narrow as a young jock, eager to make a name for myself in the battalion.

Good bye Caber Feidh Gu Bragh

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