The late Euro Preparation Unit

I guess like many until yesterday I’d never heard of the Euro Preparation Unit.

A web search hasn’t turned up very much about it but I have found out is that it was established in 1997.
It has previously been known as the “European Preparation Unit” and the “EU Preparation Unit”.

This was the only document I could find online (in the National Archives of all places) that explains the EPU’s purpose and plans:

So for 13 years this organisation plotted and planned for the day the Government gave the green light to enter the Euro. Of course, as the plan states in the linked document, nothing would have happened until after a Referendum with the British public agreeing to join. Not that NL had great form in keeping their promises about holding Referendums as far as Europe was concerned.

What would be interesting to find out is the yearly budget of this organisation and how much it has cost the tax payer over the last 13 years.
Just confirms my opinions of New Liarbour
I always imagined some kind of New Labour Wannsee conference, somewhen in 1998. Blair has just taken over, and Brown is plotting how to build the client state. Somewhere in Blackpool, their deputies meet to find a Final Solution to the Voting Question. Instead of Heydrich saying, "Get them on the trains", Balls is there saying, "Get them into jobs".

Everyone at the conference knew what he meant; the jobs didn't have to be real jobs. They didn't even have to be doing anything that helped the country. They just had to pay enough to mean that the person holding the job would feel obliged to vote New Labour. No minutes were necessary, no records were kept. Everyone present knew what had to be done....


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The Client State envisaged by Labour seems uncannily similar to that built up by others groups who assumed that they were in power for life - the Communists of Eastern Europe, Hitler, Saddam Hussein - all ensured that they provided:

- enough food/drink to keep everyone alive (in our case, cheap lager)
- that a large proportion of the population became beholden to the State for their livelihood
- an external enemy (Islam/Tories/Eeeevil greedy Bankers)

Another thing all these States have in common is their certainty that Nanny Always Knows Best - illustrated well here in the case of the Euro Unit (and also in the rejection of referenda, etc).

Sadly, with Labour their disgraceful legacy lives on – there are still many millions who depend on the State for their living, despite being fully capable of working. Perhaps yesterday saw the beginning of the end for them? I’d like to think so, but am not that optimistic.
I predict sit-ins and obstructive (but relatively passive) demonstrations by next summer. Passive because too many people are physically incapable of taking part in a really active riot situation.
Nothing wrong with contingency planning. Remember what they say about 'Prior preparation' and what it prevents?
In this case, however, you should be grateful. Thirteen years, and God knows how many man-hours of work- Achievement- Nil.

The Sir Humphrey in charge is to be applauded. And knighted. It is far better to produce endless progress reports on achievement of a damned stupid idea than to actually take the risk of starting to achieve it. A shining example of procrastination and delay above and beyond the call of duty.
Jebus, they should put all those people in the "unit" into the intelligence services....they seem to be able to keep a secret well and don't leave laptops in pub's.
petergriffen said:
Jebus, they should put all those people in the "unit" into the intelligence services....they seem to be able to keep a secret well and don't leave laptops in pub's.
On the down side it took them 13 years to come up with a basic plan of action.

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