The Late and not so great Tony Banks

However sad it is when someone dies, I do not share the rose coloured view of this particular poisonous individual, now deceased.

Sorry if it offends anyone, but from me it's good riddance!

Banks was a nasty spiteful populist class-envy filled knob of the first water.

The world has gone mad - this morning on the radio some tosser was getting lined up to organise a 'Memorial' match at Chelsea for this great man of the people: well fcuk me sidways with a kipper.
The worst thing is that in the seventies he used to be a Fulham fan and only switched when they became well and truly sh*t. Still at least he didn't get caught stupping some tart wearing a Chelsea top like that tw@t Mellor.
Stand by for a media driven day of "what a great man" etc etc
As a part of my work, I take a keen interest in the comings and doings of various AR groups and individuals (be warned, gits: we ARE watching you!).........Tony Banks was a committed AR activist. Like most of these......errm.......people........I found him to be dedicated, blinkered and selective in is committment to the cause of AR.
That is to say: was firmly of the opinion that you could murder an animal (WTF? Such an offence is not recognised by any known legal and judicial system in the world!) but was less than backward in coming forward when he needed medical treatment.
RIP......but he was still a tool.
whistler said:
What Genesis keyboard god dead...... noooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Blimey, you're old!!
Now Labour are leading the tributes to him, proclaiming him to be a man of the people!

Funny that but his excuse for standing down from parliment was

he was stepping down because dealing with constituents' problems was "intellectually numbing and tedious in the extreme".
Says it all really :roll:

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