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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by The-Daddy, Sep 13, 2007.

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  1. With the recent heavy fighting in Iraq and the talk of more VCs being awarded, what will happen when the last VC is cast from the cascabel held by our Loggie bretheren? Where will the MoD source the bronze from?
  2. The opportunity to capture some more cannons from the Russians might present itself sooner tha you think...
  3. Awarded to date total of 1355 and only enough bronze left for 80.

    If the recent adventures keep going (or are widened) then we might have to ask the Russkies if they have any of those guns left in a museum somewhere.
  4. Or we could just use some other source of bronze...

    It would be a shame, but it is just metal after all. It's the award that counts, not what it's made of.
  5. There is absolutely no chance of running out of bronze for the VCs whatsoever.

    The current ingot has enough for 80 (aparently). When that runs out they will simply go back to one of the two guns where the ingot came from (it is certainly not the first ingot carved out of the guns). The guns weigh a couple of tons, so should be enough to keep the Forces going for some time.

    The guns used to be on the front parade at Woolwich, and you could see where the metal had been taken from (a minute part of the gun). I don't know if the Gunners moved both cannon to Larkhill when they moved from London.

    BTW, the guns, while being captured from the Russians are in fact of Chinese manufacture.
  6. i read that there is only enough bronze left for another 11 or 12
  7. There is more than enough metal in the cannon left to make several thousand VCs. Each of the cannon is several metres long with a barrel thickness of several inches (about 3" at the muzzle, 6-8" at the breech (and yes, they are muzzle loading cannon). Trunion rings, base ring, and reinforcing rings all add to the amount of metal, and only the cascabels have been used so far.
  8. Edited cos I is a dick sometimes.
  9. exactly, so will they revert to the original cannon then?

    Actually I just rang Hanckocks the Jewellers and they estimate that there are roughly 80 VCs left - not just from the remaining cascabel but from a stock that is produced from each casting - this is used for actual awards and includes a supply of replacements.

  10. nothing much has changed then :twisted: :D :lol:
  11. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    ISTR as you walk from Huntingdon BR station into the town, there is a rather large Sebastopol cannon on the right. Should be good for another 2000 VCs.

  12. I read that the last surviving ingot was put into safe keeping during the last "misunderstanding" with our German EC partners; the result being it was so safe no bugger can now find it!

    I read this in an article (colour supplement?) last year, regret no link.
  13. There is indeed a cannon, don't think it's made out of bronze though.
  14. The bronze comes from the cascabels on the end of the cannon. Not the cannon itself.
  15. Is this the one?