The Last UK Military Hospital to close

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Bedpan2zero, Feb 4, 2010.

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    DCU as is, or MW MPH as was is to close

    Copied from the latest copy of Soldier Magazine

    The Duke of Connaught Unit, formerly the Military Wing, Musgrave park Hospital, will close early this year. It is intended that the closure will be marked by a suitable event.
    If you served in DCU or MW MPH, or were an operational casualty treated in either and would wish to attend this event, then please send details, including full address and connection to DCU/MW MPH to:

    DCU Mil Hospital Unit
    BFPO 801

    or email:

    A sad sad day
  2. Is it closing because of Anton? :)
  3. I'll be staffing the last shift there and covering the ward on the day of the service.

    It's a bit sad seeing all the pictures, plaques etc slowly vanishing from the walls, particularly as I'm on my second post there and remember it from when it provided cover for 15'000+ troops.
  4. Seem to remember as I was leaving there was a contract to spend lots of money upgrading it and giving electronic links back to CDM did these happen and now closing or were they scrapped early. Seem to remember there was a project team as well. Sorry to see all of the units now gone.
  5. DCU to close 01/04/10

    Don't for get though that MDHU(Po) is also closing down.
  6. Foxy,

    that just made my Friday night... lol
  7. Are there any plans to place a memorial to the 2 soldiers killed by a PIRA bomb there in 1991?
  8. A dammed shame had an emergancy op in 84 in MPH after some nice mick did me some damage top notch care.
  9. As it's been commented on before that every unit I served in has either been disbanded or closed down, I'd like to state for the record that I never served at MPH!

    A sad day nonetheless.
  10. [​IMG]

    The memorial stone
    Found during the rebuild work, and place above where the bomb exploded.

    I'd hope that the memorial is moved, as all memorials from closed camps have been, to the memorial Garden within Palace Barracks
  11. You should have known that as soon as they started work on building new theatres it was the beginning of the end!

    I did 5 years and 6 weeks in NI (6 weeks at DCU) and loved the time at the DCU, anyone here remember the joint Officers and Seniors Regt Dinner that ended up as a 'naked bar' in the theatre coffee room?
  12. Thank you B2Z - agree with your suggestion too.
  13. The QM will be all over this (previous Corps RSM)
  14. I have no doubt in the Big Mans capability - I'm more than sure the QM and the committee will have it in hand

    Here is a pic of the aftermath of the explosion - you can clearly see the blast wave

    and here is the plaque that was placed in Palace Barracks Memorial Garden
  15. A sad day, not just because it is the Mil Wing and my friend Phil was killed there but because it is the last remaining Military Hospital and stands to remind us all how much the Services have been let down by the closure of these facilities. They may not have had the technical expertise concentrated into Selly Oak but they had the Service ethos and was were 'family' came to be looked after by 'family'.

    In Arduis Fidelis fugitivus in pacis