wow!! just watched this programme a few mins ago ...very moving,graphic and from the soldiers perspective, they spoke to the remaining veterans and Harry Patch was one of the main veterans involved..god bless em all, Harry was Duke of Cornwalls Light Infantry .. my parent regiment when i was in the cadets all those moons ago in Saltash,bloody hell watching those old boys really gets to you doesn't it :crying: :worship:
Was it on mainstream TV this evening? I saw this a couple of years ago and as always I'm moved by anything to do with fallen comrades and the ultimate sacrifice. Some dust got in my eye while watching Bill Stone, Harry Patch and Henry Allingham their wreaths on the BBC news.

Wasn't the haunting background score from Schindler's List?
Mr Patch has been featured on every news service on tv I have seen today. The fact that it all brought a tear to his eye brought one to mine too. An excellent man, and guaranteed a kind reincarnation, I'm sure. Bless you Mr. Patch.

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