The last tommy

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by DodgerH, Nov 5, 2005.

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  1. Try not to miss this

    Tuesday 8th November BBC1 at 2100hrs

    From nearly five and a half million who fought in the Great War.....5 remain alive today,4 in the UK and i think one in Canada.

    The eldest being 109.One includes the only survivor of the Xmas Truce in 1914

    Should be great viewing.....I SALUTE THEM ALL
  2. Should be good viewing.
  3. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    The end of a era. I remember the last Boer War veteran passing into Vallhalla. (A Canadian, who was Guest of Honour at the Albert Hall a few years ago aged 105)

    Was lucky enough to speak to some WW1 veterans on a Battlefield Tour on the Somme in 1992, a honour indeed.

    RIP gentlemen, and get the beers in up there!
  4. In the mid seventies I was on parade as a PC at the Cenotaph several times. After all the usual important people had laid their wreaths and the service was over, there would be a march past by veterans. The really big cheers went up for the First World War men. I clearly remember how they marhced in neat rows, in perfect step, all wearing medals, hats, and carrying a long furled umbrella in their left hand. Truly impressive. Then there were so many, just three years ago down to 27, and now only 4. It cannot be long till the last old soldier sets off for The Great Naafi in the Sky. Whoever, and whenever, surely he should be properly honoured by the nation and not just dealt with by the Co-op. What do you all think? State Funeral? Westminster Abbey?
  5. I agree with Abeaumont....

    The last mans send off should be fitting, sat here all lumpy throated and choked at the thought.

    All of them were better men than me, I couldn't have fought in the trenches and endured what these men did. I used to bleat about being in the field in the wet for a couple of days.

    When we went on operations, you pretty much had an idea when you were coming home on R&R.

    Dependant on families wishes of course, I think the day of thier passing (hopefully a still a way away) should be marked with a very public dispaly of appreciation, pride and gratitude for so many's sacrifice.
  6. The Aussies gave their last WW1 combat veteran a state funeral, he went to Valhalla a few weeks back (BBC story).

    The chances of Blair doing the right thing by a soldier are zero.
  7. Only 5 remaing from so many, i wonder what the odds are to have survived the Great War and still to be alive today, Gents i salute you all and when i get to the big NAAFI in the sky i will definatly get the beers in as my way of saying thanks, without your efforts the world would today be a different place.

  8. If the Aussies can give thier last man a State funeral why can't we?

    Any grown ups know if this has been mentioned in high up places?
  9. I think certainly that something needs to be done to honour the survivers as much as the dead. Gods amongst Men for surviving what they did.
  10. Lads, we seem to raise petitions for all sorts (of very worthy) things on here. Why not start a campaign to the MoD to ensure they make preparations for such an event. With these blokes being 100+ I think realistically there isn't much time! What say you all?
  11. Sign me up

  12. I wonder if the lovely BFG can be persuaded to sort out an on-line petition?
  13. I'm happy to pay for the domain name and hosting if someone can do the grown up part of constructing the site
  14. Agreed, though I have no idea how to go about it. Only too pleased to help though.