I completed P Company in Summer of 1983, 493 platoon, para reg.
It was the last 3 day P Company, before the "diluted" (no offence) one week one came into play.

Do any of the lads from 493 want to reminisce? My memory of Gillies (one of the fittest most switched on lads) crashing out at the start of the steeplechase? assault course? Stands out the most for me.

I got a "pass" gutted; as only a pass+ was a "real pass"! But went on to 3 Para and better things.
So all tests were done in 3 days? Big deal, the same is still expected within the Bns so who cares? It's the same with the basic training these days. Yes it's watered down and pink and fluffy but life in the Bns, even line inf is the same as always, it just comes of more as a shock these days.
I'm agreeing with you.

My post was asking former 493 platoon lads of their memories of the last P Coy ever to be done over a three day period, I'm not bragging!

The reg would never agree to a "pink and fluffy" selection, so no worries there mate.

So come on 493, talk to me!


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Speaking as someone who completed the 3-day P Coy and trained recruits for the 5-day P Coy I can assure you that there was nothing 'pink & fluffy' about the 5-day version.

More events to complete and greater distance to cover - nothing pink & fluffy about that!

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