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Discussion in 'REME' started by gundog, Oct 19, 2005.

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  1. My next posting will probably be my last and I started to wonder about who I would prefer to be posted with as I run out the 22year clock.

    Obviously somewhere close to the the new kennel, but what type of unit? Infantry, Cavalry Engineers or even a REME Bn? What are peoples thought on where they would go and why?
  2. i would imagine it would depend on trade and rank? if you want to be close to the kennel then i assume you want more time at home to prep for civvy life and jobs? in a word, time to look after YOU, your family and your future!! because come the 22 yr point they wave you bye and dont have another thought for you!!

    i got out at 13 and a bit and was lucky enough to get my last 6 months in DLO to do just that, look after my own interests. i did have a job but it worked well in my plans and i was not deployed or on exercise or whatever.
  3. Being in the Tidders Triangle there is quite a selection of units to choose from. Doing the 22 is quite an achievement and i suppose we would all like to part on "Good terms" as the saying goes. So I believe that your last posting should, if you get some semblance of choice, be one where you will have enjoyed yourself. Of course some people might argue that it should be bone so that you cannot wait to be out.

    Saying that no matter where you go you will be gurenteed at least one tour in the time there, unless you get somewhere cushy though as an A mech they will be few and far between.
  4. have you thought about warminster? if you tried to get the armd sqn fitter section that is a bloody good posting. work hard play hard, but little chance of tours. well, i know the BW went to iraq whilst there but it always was a non deployment post?

    worth a go, i loved my 3 years there
  6. DLO, DPA or similar might give you the best chance to get out of the kennel and out on the peg.

  7. How about PSI at a TA unit.
    Unlikely to go on Ops and a half way house to Civvi street...
  8. If you want a decent 22 year dine out then a cavalry mess is where you want to be. I have experienced REME BNs and DLO and was very embarrassed for those that got out at the end of what is a very special moment in your life. Not much time and effort spent on by PMCs/PECs etc and lets face REME are skinflints!

    I hear QRH are returning to Tidders in the near future. Served with them and KRH and prefer the former.

  9. Will bear hat in mind Bullfrog, thanks
  10. IMHO. After being a 22 year stalwart, you deserve to serve your last (piddling) 6 months were you chose, (if Only!!).
    More than that you deserve a F**King awesome dinning out by whatever Regt/Corps/Attached unit Sgts Mess you end with. Regardless of whether your a SNCO or not (generalising now).
    22 years deserves respect and a F**king good farewell dinner.
    That aside, all the best in your new life, and please remember the good times.
    Back to the thread, the best posting is the one closest to your new place of residence, surely!!!!!
  11. Good luck on getting out mate, there are a few little gems out there to finish your time off with, but you need to know what you want- close to house or great time and dine out. Although you are an A Mech, i dont know your rank, but there are posts down sleepy Bovington that will give you both. The trials unit for Armour, and a couple of misc posts in the school of armour(Q man and tiffy i think). Knew someone there, thought it was great. May be worth a look.

    As for getting dined out after 22 years in REME, when they give you the square root of fcuk all, its a disgrace. In fact im gonna post a thread!