The Last Legion

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Cuddles, Mar 10, 2010.

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  1. Now I love a Dark Age epic, filled with misty druidic stuff and rampaging Saxons as much as the next man - providing he's Bernard Cornwell. However earlier this evening I was compelled to watch a French-dubbed version of the Last Legion.

    What did I like about it? Erm...not a lot. Not enough blood and gore despite hoofing fight scenes, particularly those featuring Aisharya Rai (I think that's right!). Colin Firth as a Dark Age hardman is only surpassed for dreadfulness by Ben "Merlin" Kingsley and the young Pendragon - played by the wierd looking kid from Love Actually.

    All in all it was a real old pot-boiler and obviously - despite the cast who must have cost a bomb - filmed on the cheap. The polystyrene menhirs were quite a chuckle though.

    Straight to video...then straight onto French TV...4/10
  2. The film was basically made for the kiddie/family viewing market! My eight year old loved the movie despite it being historical tosh.
  3. Cuddles, as far as the film goes, for kids, it's a great adventure, gives some kind of insight into the Roamn way of life, but for adults who know better, you're right, not tosh, but not brilliant even considering the cast. Have had the DVD for ages.