The Last Drop

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by lacrabat, Mar 11, 2006.

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  1. Anyone seen it ? More of a crime caper than a war film and not one for purists but a worth while watch if nothing else is on.

    A bit like a low budget Kellys Heroes..
  2. Not sure about David Ginola being in it! You can find clips here.
  3. Oh dear...
  4. Will probably see this since it is a brainless action warry film...blow the historical accuracy. An alternative to spending your money on the ticket would be visiting "The Last Drop" pub in Edinburgh for a few pints :D
  5. ..and ordering a Guiness to see the artistic carving of a hangmans noose in the head, instead of a shamrock.
  6. Watch it last night and discovered...

    ...they've finally turned a decent book into a war film. I could've sworn I've read a Commando comic with exactly the same plot.

    ...Sean Pertwee is quality in Sarge mode.

    ...David Ginola as a renegade Nazi sniper 8O WTF :?

    ...there was a Black Watch Royal Engineer Bomb Disposal unit :roll:

    ...Nick Moran must some sort of Bren gun clause written into his contract.

    ...Jack Dee in a war movie. Blimey! Has his ad money ran out.

    I don't think I was suppose to laugh as much as I did but I did enjoy it. Some cracking axecents! Can see why it went straight to DVD.