The Last Castel

I watched "the last castel" for the first time yesterday. i was expecting a mediocer film that would wast some time in the evening.

it ended up being one of the worst films i have ever seen.

the story is totaly rediculus. why on gods green earth would you put a general in prison. the reason when it was finaly reveald was also a bit dubius.

it might have been a bit more plausebil if hed been a colonel.

any thoughts?
Especially for dyslexics! :wink:

Anyway - yep, the film was pants. An officer would have been forced to resign for something trivial but the yanks needed that bad soldiers come good salute the flag at the end bit! I hope the septics liked it because it made me nauseous.
but thats the point he wasent a bad soldier. i mena i liked the actiony bit were thay take over the prison and the bit where he leves the letter in the office and they then storm the relatives meting room. othere than that this film is bawbags.

You have got to be kidding.
This is a windup right?

You are really about 12 years old and are pulling our collective chains.
Finex starts a topic about an obscure film with a misspelt title. Writes about 200 words of which 75% are also misspelt.

Finex if you really are at Uni studying "psycology" then what ever it is that you are injecting/ingesting/sniffing/eyedropping* then stop it before the rest of your brains dribble out of your ears.

*bonus point if you can name the book/film that comes from.
Finex- you fecking nob, try and have the decency to spell things correctly, and if you can't even spell the subject that you are studying then I suggest you pack your bags and feck off back to whatever sh*thole you came from.

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