The last Anzio Dinner

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Sloppy Link, Nov 18, 2006.

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  1. There was supposed to be a link here for details, all I can find out is 3 Mar 07. Anyone got any further info?

  2. So just Officers and SNCO's then?

    I was in 655 for the best part of 3 years, but I am not considered worthy enough to sit at your hallowed tables, as I was only a A/Tpr-L/Cpl when I served in the Sqn.
  3. RTFQ. "The evening is open to both serving and retired Officers & Non- Commissioned Officers of the Squadron with dress being mess kit or black tie."
    Do pay attention for god's sake.
  4. Its a crime that the "Jock Nag" Sqn is to be sent to the nackers yard! I for one will crawl naked over hot coals to get there, and look forward to drink and talk sh*'t with old comrades. With out question the best squadron I've ever served on. Up the Scottish Horse!
  5. Yeah, right up 8O
  6. You're just jealous because you were never good enough to be in the sqn, Sam. ;)
  7. Or fat enough? :D
  8. Muhahaha.
  9. Would love to join you but I am on days that weekend,bugger,still need one more tumbler for the set of six!!
  10. Bloody heck, Onya. You've had enough time to square your duties away.

    Get it sorted!!

    (Or pull a sicky at least. Just the usual 48 hour head cold will do. ;))
  11. follow the link to the scottishhorse below on there you will find a return if you email it to the address on the site you will have a reply soon as, accom is being blocked book, first come first served. the price for the dinner is costed at the min for 30pounds and do not expect that to rise, all details should be found on the web site if not please email at thescottishhorse @ the function is open to all ranks and as stated in the forum mess kit or black tie