The Large Hadron Collider (ATLAS) Experiment

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Proximo, Dec 16, 2005.

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  1. This is really nerdy, but I'm only posting this because the link below is actually rather funky.

    Click here to be transported to CERN and look at progress so far - click on the image, zoom in and have a look around.

    Right - I'm off for a run - clearly spent too long online today... :D
  2. is this the one being built in a steeltown near me?
    site wouldnt load!
  3. It's in Switzerland.
  4. What is it?
  5. Yeah seriously - WTF is it?

  6. A scientific thingy. :wink:
  7. Thanks Hitler, I couldn't work it out :roll: :)
  8. The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is a particle accelerator which will probe deeper into matter than ever before. Due to switch on in 2007, it will ultimately collide beams of protons at an energy of 14 TeV . Beams of lead nuclei will be also accelerated, smashing together with a collision energy of 1150 TeV.

    A TeV is a unit of energy used in particle physics. 1 TeV is about the energy of motion of a flying mosquito. What makes the LHC so extraordinary is that it squeezes energy into a space about a million million times smaller than a mosquito.

    Well - you did ask... :D
  9. And you lost me after "The Large" :lol:
  10. From a-level physics the boys in white coats want things that accelerate particles faster and faster then smack them into a target at which point all sorts of new paticles are formed (like hadrons, bosons, leptons etc). To give an idea of how esoteric this is, even 20 years ago (the time i finished any sort of particle physics and started military stuff) the particles went IN to the accelerator (a kind of 20 mile round donut with electromagnets of many tesla power) so fast that the accelerator did not really speed them up as they were so near light speed, the energy increase manifested itself as increased weight! In addition time slowed down as some of the particles (all radioactive) lasted much longer than they should have done as they were going so fast.

    So the more money you spend the more energetic particles you make. CERN in Switzerland constantly have this 'my accelerator is bigger than your accelerator' with their opposite numbers at MIT in Connecticut.
  11. TeraVolts eh?

    That would certainly make sure you got the BV going for a brew on a cold morning.
  12. Er...cheers Darth. Now can somebody swear or post a piccie of a naked bird?
  13. On balance, this picture serves many uses:


    Woman? Tick.
    Swearing? Tick.

  14. Or for the less scientific focused, it's the big old machine in Dan Browns Angels & Demons book! :lol:

    Being a geek though I am slightly excited by that!! :-D
  15. Never mind all that. Is it multi-cultural and can it help Vegetius with his Christmas pressy query? I.e. - is it any real use?