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Discussion in 'Officers' started by brocky, Feb 28, 2007.

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  1. Just a quick poke in the sand.

    Are there any serving chaps who are current members of the Lansdowne? Mums was always a Chelsea Arts girl but I don't want to spend any more time in that place...I killed too many of the frogs as a nipper...


  2. That's a bit prejudiced Brocky.

    I don't know of any officers who are members, although I do happen to know a couple of NCOs who are, if that helps.

    Don't know if they're on Arrse though.

  3. Edit: better? :) I was mainly interested about the fencing club and some of the U35's stuff. TBH however, I'm living in the city now, I'm not due into the factory until next Jan...I think I'll wait a bit for clubs. Thanks for the help anyway bells!
  4. Not serving but I am a member and it is a good place. Sports are good, good place to take friends out to.
  5. The Lansdowne has some reciprocal arrangements with the former RGJ, now Rifles, London Club.
  6. The sister of the chap I work for at the moment is on the new admissions board, or is ivolved with it in someway. Perhaps I should look into it whilen the opportunity is there. Obviously I don't need a club right now as I am resident in Londres but for future it could be worth it. I'm not as arty as mums is so I not even going to bother with the Chelsea Arts.

    Future long have you been a member? (Pm inbound)
  7. If you are a student worth looking at East India club - they have some sort of offer for them. One of the FANYs is a member of The Lansdowne - I'll ask her to pm you next time I see her
  8. Classic!

    A chum of mine is an East India member, he's taking me to lunch next time he's down. Hopefully I can organise a walk around at the Lansdowne soonish. They charge serving officers country rates for membership which is a smidgin' cheaper than resident rates, should be a giggle if I can organise it.
  9. East India do a deal for recent leavers from public schools, as it is also the public schools club, at 250 pounds for 5 years membership, but don't know if that applies to students in general.
  10. TBH I don't really want much to do with the East India, as much as he raves on about it. From what I gather the Lansdowne seems to be top drawer.
  11. What about the In & Out if you are serving. I know they do take from outside but just a thought?
  12. I'm not due into the factory until next Jan and I've been out of circulation OTC wise since the end of university. I might very well wait until after RMAS, but since I am in London now, I thought I might have a pop to see if there are any members on the board. Cheers for the gen tho' loz.
  13. I am a member - and would be happy to show you around the place any time. The fencing club is pretty heavily subscribed - but I can introduce you to its members. The under 35 nights are reliably good fun.

    I hope you enjoy the place.
    PM me when you reach London - and I'll show you around.
  14. PM me Brocky. A very good friend of mine is a)a member b) a gentleman WO and c)keen fencer - sabreur for choice I believe. He might be what you are looking for! Ooooh err missus...
  15. Or you can pm me. I am a member of the Lansdowne, a fencer, a member of the U35 Committee and a Reservist!! Happy to help!