The Land of NoR (NORSIM)

Welcome to the Land of NoR! We are a vast Roleplay and Combat Multi-SIM community, where you immerse yourself in the living story that takes place during the War of the Armageddon (WOTA). If you are new, please visit our Community Center for orientation and speak to one of the NoR Mentors. In addition, visit our website, and join our Second Life groups: (search “The Land of NoR (NORSIM)”, “NoR Chatterbugs” & "WARPS Support Group"). The most up to date and controlling rules will be available on the website. We currently use the WARPS (Warfare and Roleplay System) Engine. A free system, that can be found at several vendors throughout NoR.

NOTICE: * The Land Of NoR is based in Mature SIMs (presently 16) and involves mature subject matter. By the Second Life Terms of Service and our own rules, you must be 18 years or older to be in our game.

(Above taken from NORsim wiki)

Blurb from me:-
Please note NORSIM is a combat heavy sim, however, it also has rules and regulations that must be adhered to.
Rule infractions cost our playerbase in some cases, dearly, in xp, in extreme situations their character sheets are deleted.

If you arrive without a meter and rule break you WILL be ejected, you could also be labelled a griefer, perma banned and AR'd. (rules and combat system can be found at several vendors thoughout NOR)

It is in your interest and the interest of our established player base that you read and adhere to our rules before entering the sims.

P.S Freebie weapons are free for a reason, for the most part they are badly made and contain crap scripts -we dont allow them!

(In short, I know we get quite a few from RnR over on NORSIM. Im going to be pissed if I have to ban anyone from ARRSE(RnR)! If you need a copy of the rules for NORSIM on RnR, then please ask.)
So you're saying that the freebie weapons I give out are crap??

LOL... I also sell good ones in the store, WARPS-ready. Ask around before buying though; there are no refunds due to the fact that these products are no-transfer.

Discount applies for ARRSE members, BTW...

Good to see you here again, Minxy
Kinell said:
So you're saying that the freebie weapons I give out are crap??

LOL... I also sell good ones in the store, WARPS-ready. Ask around before buying though; there are no refunds due to the fact that these products are no-transfer.

Discount applies for ARRSE members, BTW...

Good to see you here again, Minxy
Im saying freebie weapons in general are crap. Most weapons will work with the variety of combat systems on SL. NOR isnt alone, as far as Iam aware most of the large RP/Combat sims dont allow freebie weapons, Im sure most of the smaller ones don't either.

Generally speaking, RP enabled weapons will work with WARPS. Special features specific to a combat system, will need to be updated to work specifically with WARPS.

* Does it have an extremely high rate of fire? If it does, does it have infinite ammunition? If so, it's not allowed. Rate of fire MUST be realistic.
* Do you have to reload the weapon? If not, it is not allowed. Clips should be 1-100 rounds.
* Does it use extremely laggy explosive/particle based rounds? If so, its probably not allowed.
* Does it cage/push/orbit people? If so, its not allowed.
*** If the weapon has the option to alter, turn-off or change these type of settings to function within the rules, then it is allowed to be used ONLY with rules compliant settings.

****We (NoR Staff) reserve the right to restrict weapons with unrealistic profiles, or behavior unfriendly to SIM server load and effects other player's ability to enjoy the RP experience.****
Most people use: 80m/s, rate of fire 0.001 seconds. Usually set on training or RP rounds. (depending on weapon - but for the most part its RP rounds)

The NoR Rules on Weapons are divided into three (3) catagories - 1) Melee, 2) Ranged, and 3) Explosives - and there are regulators outlined to verify whether a weapon you have is legal in NoR.

1) Melee are the weapons you would use for hand-to-hand combat. Epee, Swords, Knives, Clubs, Claws, etc. would all fall into this catagory.
2) Ranged weapons are generally seen as Fire Arms (guns), Bows & Crossbows and throwing weapons.

3) Explosives are just that. Weapons that explode, like: Dynamite and Grenades. Obviously, these weapons are going to be very limited for the time being. A good call would be to get a Staff Member to approve these weapons. (for the most part explosives are not allowed)
Weapons stacking is a big no-no, anything more than two weapons is considered weapons stacking.

- Two (2) weapons per body, ONLY. This can be a combination of *some* ranged and melee weapons.
--- Epee, Martial Arts and fists as a weapons type, IS considered to take up one (1) weapons slot.
--- You may equip a total of two (2) weapons, in any combination, melee or firearm. EXCEPT : Two, two-handed firearms (rifles, etc), which is NOT allowed.
--- There are some combinations of weapons, due to high rate of fire, that are not permitted to be used together, as well.
** Melee attacking someone, without an animation indicating the attack, is not permitted.

There are those weapons in SL that are simply NOT allowed in NoR. Those are as follows:

Banned Guns:
These guns are banned because they do not fall into the guidelines set for proper use and legal in NoR. Usually, they are freebie guns, guns that hold, or can be made to hold, an unrealistic amount of ammo, guns that have push bullets, do not reload with a 50 to 100 clip size and anything hitting over 100 rounds between reloads. ALL of these are out of the question.

* Freebie Guns
* Watermelon Launchers


* Some Vendors have only *SOME* model's banned. Other products from these vendors may be legal.

** Shields are NOT allowed. Period. Take them off when you get here. We don't care who made it or how much you paid for it. They are considered an exploit. In addition, shields rez temporary prims at an obscene rate and with very short sensor sweeps. Exploit problems aside, they're not worth the degradation in SIM performance.

** Cagers/Orbiters/Explosives - Use of any of these is grounds for an instant ban. These are griefing tools, directly against NoR rules and have NO place in NoR.

** High particle, obstructive or resource intensive magic systems are under restricted use. Magic systems on a "non-intrusive" level are generally ok, but should probably be looked at by a Staff member.

** The use of Force Prophecies, Radar, Spy systems, Jet-packs, Avatar hidding systems, Mysti-Tool, etc. are ALL ILLEGAL and NOT allowed.

** Heavily scripted objects (an object running 300 plus scripts or more - We monitor script IPS) are liable to be banned. The reason being, this slows down SIM performance and server load, causing a multide of problems. If the object has this type of potential, it is more then likely not allowed.
*blinks* Get all that?

If in doubt ask an Admin or contact the weapons czar's on NOR! (Bizarre Obscure, Lanceifer Graf)

Edited to add: Currently, ATek Weapons are completely WARPS compatible and NoR made. These are highly recommended, rule friendly and NoR approved.

OnD is a quasi-military faction operating in NoR, boasting 3 Arrsers among it's ranks so far. We're mostly male terrans, and are noted for violence, drunkenness, crap dancing, and general all round arrogance.

If that sounds like your sort of scene then IM Bert Trenchcoat in world, and we'll get you trained up and in.

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