The ladies equivalent of that bootie video?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by CRmeansCeilingReached, Nov 28, 2005.

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  1. OK, so we've all seen the booties / booting video. And we've seen how the guys let their hair down.

    My question is -

    Has anyone ever seen the ladies doing anything similar? :)

    I for one would pay to watch them shout "naked bar" and then wallop each other with roll mats. Preferably whilst throwing on Mazola oil and drinking copious amounts of alcohol.

    And as for the St Trinians outfit and nurse?!? :) f*cking essential i say!
  2. I suppose there's the option of broaching the subject with the Liz, Baby Blue and trolly next week at the crawl................ However I think it would be a very brave man who would ask! :) Maybe a braver one to film it!
  3. Video cameras hadn't been invented when Guildford closed (thank fcuk !) You could however go to London Zoo and film the Walrus cage (smellovision) And before you laydees come back, I am lovely.
  4. I personally see nothing wrong with naked roll-mat fighting. Perhaps the fella kicking the lad unconscious was a tad OTT though ?
  5. go to another thread if you wanna talk about that, this one is for bare-breasted amazons with an 8 pound baby on their back, fighting in the traditional Highland manner!!! or with rollmats on their arms and knickers on their heads.
  6. and of course all body hair would have to be shaved before hand "so the roll-mats won't snag" volunteers can form an orderly queue behind me.
  7. In Spamland, a couple of years ago, there were cases of Powderpuff Football (girl's American Football) teams hazing new players. Some of it is pretty drastic for a bunch of high school girls: