The lack of French involvement in Iraq or Afganistan

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by isongard, Mar 19, 2007.

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  1. oh where oh where are are our illustrious European Partners oh yes that's right content to snipe at us from afar no forthcoming french reinforements only bleating that they are not getting their fair share of the rebuilding contracts
  2. You do know the French have been involved in Afghanistan and have taken KIA ?

    Has UK PLC had it's 'fair share' of rebuilding contracts in Iraq or Afghanistan?
  3. not in helmland was it?
  4. the link in your post poet refers to frenchmen fighting for the isurgents
  5. Now why should "our illustrious European Partners" want to join an illegal and immoral invasion of Iraq and failing occupation that they were opposed to from day one? Just because Tony Blair was foolish enough to follow the Bush regime, why should they?

    During the initial operation in Afghanistan "our illustrious European Partners" pulled their weight, and continue to do so in the mission that they signed up to. Why would they want to pursue our policy of mission creep simply because we have got ourselves into a pickle and got bogged down?
  6. tell that to the lads down south
  7. Fuc*in frenchmen, while our boys are out fighting the taliban and the insurgency in Iraq and Afghanistan, as usual, the french watch from afar, taking the absolute minimum of causalties and taking as many contracts as they can get their hands on.....

    Just Like World War 2 {save the free french and the resistance}, {and 1 for that}, they watch as everyone else fights the battles for them, then swarm in when the moneys involved, no wonder no-one has respect for todays french forces.

    they can go fu*k. :thumbdown:
  8. If the French had got themselves into some self-inflicted mess in some far-off hell hole, and then asked us to bail them out, I'm sure you'd be the first to tell them to go fcuk themselves. Why should they do any different? Why should they ride to Bush and Blair's rescue to bail them out of their own foreign policy fcuk-ups?

    Iraq and Afghanistan is a cluster **** because of Bush/Blair, not because of French refusal. The "boys down south" are struggling because Brown/Blair haven't equipped, manned and financed HM Armed Forces properly.
  9. [​IMG]

    Looks French to me.

    Incidently, Rafale has just completed its first operational missions.
  10. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    stvwardy - I think that many people have great respect for the very professional French armed forces. What probably prompts your comments regarding the French armed forces, is that people don't have respect for their political masters who have demonstrated a lack of backbone but excellent business sense.
  11. on its way to helmland is it why must the bush/blair agrgument always be trotted out if france was happy to come in at the start and then help train why not prove the critics wrong and reiforce the brits canadians in the south werer the casulty rate is far higher and clearly not as safe as the north
  12. I've worked with the French operationally.

    A few peculiar ones but overall they're pretty decent guys to work with when they don't throw temper tantrums.

    I still prefer working with the Dutch of all nationalities though (shhh, don't tell Cloggie, he'll only get a high opinion of himself!).
  13. perhaps your right Auld-Yin howver the problem with the french is that they seem to have no backbone {the politicians at least} in doing something for the greater good of the world....

    However the french army, also has a lot to answer for, due to its actions in time of war, such as the Mutiny during World War 1,leaving Britain and America to fight the whole of the western front.

    The ability of its commanders during World War 2 to just give up {excepting the Brave men and women who volunteered for the free french and resistance} and accept defeat.

    *mutiny in world war 1
    *Vichy france's collobaration with Nazi germany during World War 2.
    *and its seeming logerheads with the American Government {whatever administration}.

    and removal of its forces from NATO control, the only member to do so.

    the French politicians have no backbone, except for defeatism, while yes its decision to send troops into the middle eastern problem areas is commendable, deliberately sending its troops to some of the safest areas is a kick in the face to other forces, and the Soldiers of the nations who are risking their lives daily, trying to bring peace to iraq and afghanistan.....

    please forgive any typing errors im quite tired....

  14. isongard,

    The first Hellfire missile fired in anger by a British AH was to destroy a French vehicle disabled by Taliban fire in Helmand. There were several French KIA in the preceding contact with the Taliban.

    I take it you weren't there last year along with the large contingent from Elmpt on a ramp ceremony for these fallen French SF soldiers in Kandahar. A moving ceremony, with a couple of coffins taken onto the back of the waiting plane at dawn by the soldiers' comrades, some of whom were still wearing the first field dressings from wounds they received in the incident.

    Please get your facts right about nations who are on our side and losing young men just like us before posting any more ignorant comments.