The Krypton Factor

Is it a sign of overstretch that the Army no longer supervise the new Krypton Factor assault course? Indeed, is Holcombe camp still in existence?

How surprising to see the modern day contestants are smartly attired in all manner of Health and Safety garb and shepherded around the course by black clad gentlemen. Who are these mystery men :?

Did OTC selection there but most of the assault course was off-limits due to H&S concerns sadly...don't know what's become of it now.

The new KF course looks a bit shyte in comparison.
Broke my heel on the water jump half way through the Krypton Factor assault course at Holcombe in 1983. Tried jumping it instead of running through it. Lad behind me did exactly the same thing. Mind you the ever so nice CSM helped me to the finish with a gentle "Shoot-to-kill, get a fcuking move on - NOW!!!!" :x

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