The Kooks

My sister-in-law bought me The Kooks' inaugural album and I must say I'm reasonably impressed. The question is - Do you think they will continue to be successful?

PS Here's in anticipation for the next radiohead album! :D


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Don't know. I guess it depends on the lead singer as it sounds like his voice is about to break any day now.
I hope they do. But don't forget that they've bee together for a few years now, and have been writing the songs from their album for that long. Now they're more successful, the label might presure them into releasing an other album in 12/16 months, which could sound rushed and a bit pump... Just like the new Killers album!



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I dont like them that much, and my prediction would be that The Feeling (a MUCH better band) would corner the kooks share of the market and force them seems to me that more Feeling songs are played on the hits tmf etc etc than are 0.02

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