I'll wager they will not be queing around the block to join this soul-less hybrid.

Poor buggers. Imagine being joined at the hip to a Scouser. Damn shame the KORBR did not say "Feck it, we'll lay up the colours at Carlisle, and go into "suspended animation" a la Yorks and Lancs."

Get a copyright notice on that Queensman , I suspect it might be in the tabloids shortly :D
Will the 3rd Battallion The Rifles become the 'Trifles'?
As this Regiment will be known as the Duke of Lancasters Regt, and principally a football based unit, and the Yorkshire Regt (of the old Dukes etc) being a Rugby biased unit, surely there will be some confusion for the old buffers when the soon to be "Dukes" become famous as a football regiment with scouse accents!!

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