I'll wager they will not be queing around the block to join this soul-less hybrid.

Poor buggers. Imagine being joined at the hip to a Scouser. Damn shame the KORBR did not say "Feck it, we'll lay up the colours at Carlisle, and go into "suspended animation" a la Yorks and Lancs."

Get a copyright notice on that Queensman , I suspect it might be in the tabloids shortly :D
Will the 3rd Battallion The Rifles become the 'Trifles'?


Queensman said:
Will the 3rd Battallion The Rifles become the 'Trifles'?
Well the nickname of the Indian Army Rajputana Rifles is the Large Banana Trifles....
As this Regiment will be known as the Duke of Lancasters Regt, and principally a football based unit, and the Yorkshire Regt (of the old Dukes etc) being a Rugby biased unit, surely there will be some confusion for the old buffers when the soon to be "Dukes" become famous as a football regiment with scouse accents!!

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