The Kings Troop

Hi I've got to give a lecture at my ACF unit about the RA, it's history and the different roles such as Light Gunner, etc. So anyway i've come to a dead end with the Kings Troop due to limited sources and some people's view of the King Troop.

Is there anyone who has been part of the Kings Troop and can provide some of thier experiences and histor of the Troop etc?

anything would be most appriciated thanks.

Without knocking King's Troop, they are a purely ceremonial unit, if you're going to give a talk about the RA you need to talk about it's origins as Horse, Field, Garrison artillery etc and how it's grown from these very basic types to the sophisticated Regiment it is today.I was attached to the RA for about 8 years and was amazed at the variety of roles they fill both as regiments and as individuals.There's a lot more to it firing big guns.
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