The Kings Troop bid farewell to St Johns Wood

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by bigeye, Feb 6, 2012.

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  1. The Kings Troop Royal Horse Artillery' today moved out of St Johns Wood, Paraded down the Hight Street, then stopped off at Hyde Park for a 21 Gun Salute.

    The Army got me there at 05.45 with the promise of breakfast - which never materialised. I then spent most of the morning trying not to get in the way of the gunners as they prepared tack and combed manes.
    I have to say that it was suprising that it appeard as though nearly half of the King's Troop were female.

    Most amusing to see various Asian news crews firing questions at a Major General because they were under the impression he was one of the Gunners.
  2. When they say St Johns Wood, are they referring to Regent's Park Barracks?
  3. No, St John's Wood Barracks.
    The lease is up and the owners (Not the MoD) want to develop the site. Ker-ching.

    Woolwich is going to be a something of a social shock to some I'd imagine.
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  4. Thanks for the clarification Bigeye. Appreciated.

  5. Old Dobbin's not going like pulling the 13-pounder up Blackheath Hill, either !!
  6. No doubt this is on another thread somewhere, but why Woolwich and why not squeeze them in with the other horsey types in Regents Park barracks? Why go through the cost and balls-ache of bussing the Troop into London for displays instead of sitting them right on their usual exercise grounds and primary display area?
  7. These are all very good questions.
    I think the answer is: MoD.
  8. They are now the correct,(scummy) side of the river,where they belong.
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  9. Going to be a bugger getting Dobbins on the tube!
  10. On a more pragmatic viewpoint with equally economic bearing Woolwich has more capacity & having spoke to one of their Tp Oc's last November it's all very much purpose built, I'm unaware of the alternative of squeezing them all into Regents Park Bks however I'm sure the recce (at the time) would have answered all the relevent questions.
  11. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    I did a 2 week horsey coursey there in 1998/99...' Army Basic Equitation Course ' that time, there had only been one female Galloping Gunner - and she was not well regarded having just taken the Army to an Industrial Tribunal claiming sexual harassment of the Gallaghers (Liam?) had a flat quite close and was constantly bitching about being woken at 0600 by Reveille....

    Since then I've noticed every other trooper seems to be female.

    As to ' poor old dobbin ' dealing with a hill......a gun team is six > 17 hand Irish draft horses.....they ain't short of pull ! plus are all utterly mental anyway

    .....up till yesterday King's Troop horses were routinely ridden from St John's Wood to Hyde Park and back every day on exercise ...I imagine they will do the same through darkest Woolwich, which will give both the early rising locals and the tourists something to point and gawp at....not least in Olympics year ....

    It's the oldest indoor riding school in Britain apparentely....shame. ...scary fun.
  12. So that's the barracks and The Rosseti gone, is the other pub, The Ordanance Arms(?) still there?

  13. They (the developers) can't actually knock the indoor riding school down as apparently it's Grade II listed. I understand that the Officer's mess is also a listed building. That should make for an interesting layout when they come to design the luxury condos.
  14. Bags of parking.