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I Hope someone may be able to help here...

My dentists son (16, doing well at school) is seriously contemplating a career with HM. An ex ATC cadet with an interest in flying he would like to try for a commission in the AAC.

As much as I can give him a general overview I am lacking a fair bit of relevant info because:-

A. I was enlisted s**t.
B. When I left, there was still a Warsaw Pact and a fence seperating two Germanys!

So, would any of you commissioned types (if your're out there!) be kind enough to let me have the details of who to contact at MW for info, glossy pamphlets and prospects. (by e-mail if it involves names) to (my fee as a headhunter will be waived in this instance! :wink: )

Initially though, I think I am correct in saying that you apply to join the Army as an Officer and then, based on potential/results/grade bid for a reg't/Corps.....(yes/no)

Thanks in anticipation
H andy

but you can do all sorts of tests first with the AAC before you actually head to RMS

don't know much about it as i spent my time looking up, wishing one those f*(ckers would land so i could stop walking everywhere :!: :!:
This link below provides details of the AAC Recruiting & Liaison Officer (RLO) although I believe that Capt John Bushell has moved on. The person holding this appointment is by far the best person to provide advice and guidance and can also arrange unit visits, etc.
Be aware that the AAC is traditionally one of the most difficult corps to obtain a direct commission in due to the strong competition at RMAS.
BadCo, thanks very much for the link. That should provide the information needed. I am aware of the competition involved in gaining a commission in the AAC (which does make me wonder about one or two?....nah, only joking), thanks for taking the time out to reply.

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