The Kings Own Scottish Borderers

On this day in 1689 David Leslie 3rd Earl of Leven, by command of the Scottish Parliament,
raised a regiment of foot in Edinburgh to defend that city against the Jacobites. Eight hundred men were recruited by beat of drum in a space of four hours. The regiment, originally known as Leven's or the Edinburgh Regiment and eventually The King's Own Scottish Borderers, were granted the privilege of recruiting by beat of drum on the Royal Mile and parading in the City with bayonets fixed and Colours flying without first asking permission.
This will be the Regiments' last birthday as they are shortly to be amalgamated with the remainder of Scotland's infantry regiments.
317 years of unbroken, unamalgamated service to Scotland!

XXV Best wishes to all Borderers XXV.


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Busterdog I hope your Regimental Day goes well and that not a few drams are going to slip down throats over the course of the day.

Remember, it is a celebration not a wake. The spirit will live on for some time to come yet.



p.s. Ours on 28th March :)
The KOSB will be bidding farewell to Edinbugh on the 23 June by parading through the city. I will have the priviledge of participating as an inheritor of their proud history, but hope that everybody gets behind the new Bn 100%. The Jocks must be proud of the combined heritage AND their new Regt, so that we are as op effective as possible for their sake. At least both the Royals and the Borderers will be united by their reservations about kilts, and will no doubt be having a few drams together on 1 August. See you there.
XXV Once a Borderer, Always a Borderer XXV
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