The Kinder and Gentler USMC

Discussion in 'US' started by jumpinjarhead, Jun 25, 2012.

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  1. I was asked on another thread what I meant by my observation that the US military is facing decline due to both significant budget cuts and the continuing social experimentation of the forces who cannot object. One evidence of this is the new USMC propaganda approach of showing a kinder and gentler USMC typified by this feel good advert:

  2. The real "USMC" poster will be along in a minute to call you a homo. You do know that, don't you?
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  3. You raise another evidence in support of my contention. :)
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  4. Nowt wrong with a bit of hearts 'n' minds stuff, imho.

    The septics were slow to learn in Afg, playing skittles by throwing litre bottles of water out of the Humvees at the kids. You got a point if you knocked one over, which at 20mph was at least was a sporting chance.

    Then they got better at it, throwing footballs and shopping for vegetables in the local markets, after setting up a huge cordon in order to do so, but at least they were spending dollar in the local community.

    I'm not sure they were Marines, I think they might have been 173rd, but I had to smile when they turned up for a lunch at a local hotel, totally tooled up - and the local Afghan band played them the Lambada as a tribute, bonging away on their third world instruments, while they munched their salads.
  5. "Kinder and gentler" in my lexicon has nothing to do with "hearts and minds" in the context of COIN.
  6. I very humbly disagree. When you wander through an Afghan village, you can fairly easily work out who has been there recently. If the kids are shouting "bonjiorno" at you while begging for sweets, you know that the Italians have actually done a day's work for a change.

    If the kids remember the 'nice soldiers' who didn't brass them up, their fathers are less likely to plant a nastiness in the road for when they come back.
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  7. JJH did you just want to rub our noses in the fact that you've got all our Harriers?
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  8. I agree with you as to what to actually do in a COIN context. That is different in my view from our Masters trying to change the ethos of the USMC. The USMC's Combined Action Program in Vietnam ( ) is instructive in this regard in that the Marines performing that duty were anything but "kinder and gentler" in the meaning to which I refer.
  9. It's happening everywhere to all the western armies, blame the media and today's freedom of speech (and the ease with which you can speak to a large amount of people with it).
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  10. Ah! got ya. Yes the Corps do a specific job, but it seems a bit odd to surround them with other units 'trained' to do the Hearts stuff for them.

    A line reg walks through, handing out hand shakes, nylons and kicking (sorry, throwing) a football and then the next day, the Corps arrives to reduce the place to a pile of rubble, just in case nobody got the message.

    I can't see anything wrong, imho, in giving Marines a bit of training in how to be nice to people. They do all of the other stuff well enough and it would be a learning experience that they might enjoy.

    If they're left to their own devices, sitting in their pits, far, far away from anybody else, they'll end up like our paras - oh God, what have I done.
  11. To add it is probably the best reason to keep SF as much out of the public eyes, and in the black domain, as possible. When SF start getting fluffy we will have problems.
  12. Nonsense. The Royal Marines - certainly 42 Commando, the thinking man's soldier - manage to do the nasty and the nice stuff with immense success. Hats off to them. "Black domain"?
  13. Together I assume you are referring to 3rd Para Mortars?
  14. The black ops should be the province of the intelligence services and NOT the military.