The Kill Team: A Beast in the Heart of Every Fighting Man


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The truth will always out.


War Hero
Egads, feet and knees together and brace for yet another tidal wave of public US national self-flagellation.

Deal with the twats, and their negligent immediate superiors, in a summary fashion then carry on slaughtering the bad guys, chaps.
They aren't as bad as the Canadians, who disbanded their paras just cos they collected a few ears in Somalia.

But I have to say we didn't see any newsreel footage of burned Canadian soldiers corpses being towed behind technical cars, whilst the Canucks were there.
Rule Number One; Don't get caught.

Not quite sure you've got the right end of the "War Crimes" stick here vvaannmmmmaann. Thousands of other soldiers go though Afghan and don't commit these types of atrocities, these individuals should get all they deserve. If they were British soldiers, how robust would be the punishment taken against them?