The KGB hates our poppy appeal


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As some of you may be aware through the ARRSE Insiders Newsletter we are fighting a battle on many fronts to protect our Poppy. The latest kick in the teeth for us Champions of Right comes from the KGB and their running dogs, the British Government.

Dear Alan Shearer,
Your e-petition "It is a disgrace that much decorated WW2 hero E.D.Matt cannot buy a poppy in Scunthorpe." hasn't been accepted.
E-petitions will not be accepted if they:
  • contain information which may be protected by an injunction or court order
  • contain material that is potentially confidential, commercially sensitive or which may cause personal distress or loss
  • include the names of individuals if they have been accused of a crime or information that may identify them
  • include the names of individual officials who work for public bodies, unless they are part of the senior management of those organisations
  • include the names of family members of elected representatives, eg MPs, or officials who work for public bodies
If you'd like to submit a new e-petition, please read the site's terms and conditions which explain the rules in detail.
HM Government e-petitions
Are we about to take this lying down? Or shall we rise up like a great rising thing and demand more e-petitions?

Poor edomatt. Stuck in Scunthorpe with no poppies.



Just 1st parading the outrage bus.....................or can I have a brew first.

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