The Kelly report

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by tropper66, Nov 4, 2009.

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  1. What a load of crap, they have five more years on the gravy train, as long as they pay their ill gotten gains back.FFS they should all be in court
  2. And did you really think that it would be any different, in 5 years some other crisis would have overshadowed it and there will be no change at all and it will get brushed under the carpet.

    Therefore it will carry on the same they will still be thieving and lieing and instead of serving us they just help themselves. Also in 5 years time we will be in the glorious Socialist Republic of Europe so won't have to worry anyway
  3. The BBC showed what it's like to be an MP in Sweden, they had to live in flats that were issued by the Government and they also had to use administrative staff who were employed by the state. If it works there why not in the UK. Most of the MP's in the UK have had their snouts in the trough for to long. The next election will see many of the worst offenders without a job.
  4. No they don't.

    The BBC report implied they all had to live in Government-owned flats, until the very brief mention at the end that if they don't want to they can claim £7,200 pa towards a private home they've bought in Stockholm. There aren't even enough flats for all MPs, and I suspect they're more for bachelor MPs. They're not compatible with MPs who have families, as the Swedish state recognises, hence the house grant.

    They also have swimming pools etc. in Parliament which the state pays for.

    So - in short - better than our old system, but not the utopian system everyone's talking about.
  5. Same old same old..........