The Jurassic Coast Challenge 2012 - The ONER 23rd April

Hello all and firslty I apologise if this is in the wrong bit however I'm new to this after having been referred here by one of my 'clients' and thought it would be an excellent place to seek some advice.

I've always been fairly fit and few weeks ago entered and completed the Jurassic Coast Challenge, 3 marathons in 3 days. God it hurt however at the ripe old age of 35 quite an acheivement. And then, quite stupidly and without even thinking of the consequences, I have entered the Jurassic ONER - 3 marathnos in 24 HOURS taking place 23rd April. WTF was I thinking????? Anyway, I'm doing the Brighton marathon next week as abeat-up for it and I was wondering if any of you runners out there have any tips for an idiot who is slightly out of his comfort zone on this one. The terrain is arduous, the Lulworth Ranges have climbs of almost 800 feet from sea level so I was wondering wether a speed of 4miles an hour, particuallry at night on cliff edges is realistic. There are checkpoints every 8 miles or so so will be carrying only a hydration pack and essesntial kit as stipulated in kit list.

Have I bitten off too much here, is it an unrealistic target? Any advice greatly appreciated guys and again apologies if posted in the wrong forum.

Nah, it'll be a breeze. Little known fact about Lulworth ranges is that there is a higher concentration of oxygen in the atmosphere there than almost anywhere else in UK. The reason for this is a special type of grass found in only a few places in the world.

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