Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by TA_sig, Mar 6, 2006.

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  1. Right then folks, if well organised the Junior Ranks Club in a TA unit can massively aid recruitment, retention and unit cohesion, often running events for all ranks or whatever. However I have come accross a squadron with no JRC committee and when tried in the past it has not worked too well. Tuesday evenings see very few people dropping into the bar, more private functions have been held in the bar than JRC events and all ranks events in the past have left organisers/jrc out of pocket. There's a bunch of people considering doing something about it, but are asking for assistance/help from anyone who cares. Going to talk to my people from my committee when I next see them but figured I'd ask on here too. I'm thinking a decent JRC could do a lot to help this unit.

    Can anyone out there serving in JRC committees or who just have good ideas as to how we can kickstart this place please add to the thread?
  2. This can also work in the Sgts Mess...

    Simple things - get the bar opened on a Friday evening for 7-ish. Open it to all ranks, and let the guys on parade know that it's opening.

    Let the guys know they can bring their friends (who might like it enough they'll ask about joining) and/or other halfs (who then can see some benefit to you doing this). They're responsible for their behaviour so have to be a little careful.

    Those who want to drink very cheaply until very late can do so, those who want cheap drinks and then go clubbing can also do so.

    In the summer, organise a BBQ. Parking is sorted, as is the booze. No one has to bring alcohol, like you do when you go round your mates, or even food! Get commitment from those on parade to chip in a £5 each and that's enough to buy some burgers and brattys. Speak nicely to your Q bloke for paper plates and diggers. Even better, get the OC to put his hand in the coffers and get some funds.

    Some of the best functions I've been to are when someone has just done a quick ring round the Squadron on a Saturday morning, gauged the interest, and there's been an impomptu BBQ in the afternoon - kind of like how it works outside of the TA really!

    Rugby/football? Again, if you can get the bar open, let people know, they can watch whatever is on in the comfort of the JRC, drinking very cheaply, and enjoy the event with their mates.

    A healthy JRC gives your PRI the funds it needs to do other things.

    The downside? Ah well, you need someone to organise it. And my experience these days is that people want it all laid on very cheaply, with no effort on their part.

    Then again, we had a very successful quiz night recently, with a fish and chip supper, where we tidied up after ourselves as we went, so that at 1am when most people were going home, it was all done.

    Large organised events? Always down to the organisers and their enthusiasm, which will wane if they're not supported. Mess functions work because the RSM tasks people and there's enough peer pressure to make it work, although even there, it's noticeable that it's always the same faces that set up and tidy away. Regular Messes work better in that regard as an individuals lack of participation will get noticed, whereas in the TA we do have a "And so what?" attitude at times.

    One of my mates complains that the guys are all gone from the JRC by 11-ish, but he's going back to the old days, when the culture of drink driving hadn't really been curbed. A drill night is quite hard, as most guys have to work the following day, and they're driving home, so a beer or two is the most they can manage and still drive.

    Keep it simple, and low key, and you can get people in. Ideally, see if you can make it a routine that the Friday night of a closed weekend the JRC will be open.