The joys of being Troll cloaked

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Bugly, Sep 9, 2007.

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  1. I've been troll cloaked, without warning and without getting the O2 thief tag first.

    It's because I don't like islam and point out that Taz_786 supports islamic terror and those that kill British Forces

    Despite my intense dislike for islam not one of my posts has ever been racist.

    So here we have an Army site that supports a civvy muslim terrorist supporter over an ex army bloke, still you won't be reading this if you are registered here only the guests can read it....ho hum

    freedom of speech is offered to islamic terrorist supporters but not ex Army types that hate islamic terrorists.
  2. Bugly,

    I have logged out to see what you wrote. Can I suggest you create a new user and re-post.

    I for one would be interested to know the COs reasoning and what exactly transpired.

  3. I have seen a worrying trend in anti-Islamic feelings on this site for awhile now.

    It's not the religion, it's the individuals.
  4. It's not the CO's I think it's MOD and dictator for life cpunk thats done this.
  5. SS,

    i tend to agree with you, there have been many posts and there are a number of signature blocks which are somewhat anti-islam. I am also of the opinion that all religions are totally amoral, it is the individuals who are moral or not. I would like to know however, what transpired that caused Bugly to be trollcloaked. At least we can then understand the limits of the site.


  6. Or we risk lowering ourselves to the level of extremism, in that we conduct a campaign of hatred against a whole system of beliefs.

    Have you had a PM explaining reasons? Do you know what your last posts were about?
    Have you sent a PM asking for reasons? For a start your asking forum members to support your vendetta against another forum member, no matter how dubious the man's points (Or Football team) may be?

    Your Ex-Forces, Bugly, you should know better.
  7. Maybe SS, as islam becomes more and more demanding and violent within the UK more and more non muslims are goig to voice their opinions ? muslims in the UK can and do stir up hatred towards non muslims with little fear of being stopped whereas a non muslim that speaks out against the islamification of areas in the UK is branded as a nazi and racist.
  8. What is this troll-cloaking of which you speak. Is it like a mithril shirt? Cause I want one o' them.
  9. I've had no PM from this site.

    You think that Taz_786 who supports terrorism and terrorists is merely dubious ?
  10. Bugly,

    please create a new user so we can see what you post without logging out and then back in, ta.

  11. Oh Bugly. I suppose you are another person who believes this country is descending into anarchy and heading towards civil war?

    At least we know why you got cloaked, anyway.
  12. But I'd just get cloaked again wouldn't I, otherwise there'd be no point in troll cloaking !!!
  13. who is taz_786 and what has he said or done to support islamic terror. Remeber if he is anti uk forces then you can lodge a complaint, if enough of us do it then he may be removed from the site altogether. And before anyone says, i know he/she could logon as a new member.
  14. I don't think we're heading towards civil war and anarchy.
  15. Bugly, cool yer boots. The sun will rise on the morrow in the East; that's not too offensive is it?