The joy of being in the Zimbabwean army!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Aggernon, Apr 28, 2013.

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  1. A soldier was allegedly kidnapped and sexually assaulted by four women for nearly a week before being stoned and dumped in a mountain range.

    The 25-year-old victim's ordeal started when he took up the offer of a lift to the city of Mutare in Zimbabwe.

    Two women and a man were in the car, a Mercedes Benz, and, after driving for about an hour towards the city, the driver diverted from the route.

    It's different in the Foot Guards of Matabeleland:
  2. I was getting envious there until it got to the "stoned" bit, I,m assuming it's stoned as in throwing them at you and not as in smoking?
  3. You can see that the Zimbabwe RAF Regiment take the infraction seriously.

    Their typically stern eyes-front drill movements have been restrained, and they are now looking for potential kidnappers in the crowds that flock to the Big Chief Zewamba celebrations that take place in Mogadishu:

  4. rampant

    rampant LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Fairly sure Zim only sent ground troops as part of UNASOM I/II, or are you feeling geographically dislocated.
  5. That third man on the left: what do you think your doing with that WWII Army Air Force forty mission crush??
  6. With aid being dropped to Sth Africa and this thats the two bits of bad news for Merc today. Better sell my shares then.
  7. Buts sales of Mercs will go up in the UK - you can get plenty of duct tape in an E-Class and Vaneos & G-Classes are just made for the job - plenty of tie-downs, privacy glass, good stereo to drown out the sounds, etc. Why ARSSE alone will keep the 3rd Reich alive for another thousand years. :twisted:
  8. A breeding programme or just a 4 day bender excuse?
  9. Its always been that way with the randy ladies of Africa. If an African lady shakes your hand in a certain way she's telling you she's "in the mood" and its instant. By the side of the road, under a bush, (check for black mambas first), on the nearest rock, up against a lamp post or a bus stop. The African woman is very close to nature, if she feels hungry she looks for food, if she feels randy (and thats a fair amount of the time) she looks around for a man.
    And there are those who still can't understand why Africa has an AIDS problem of epic proportions.
  10. For those with no experience of Africa go to Google, enter photographs of Maun, or Maun safaries.
  11. ZNA 5 Bde:

    Trained by the BMATT….

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  12. "Maun is today a thriving tourist town, infamous for its infestation of donkeys and to a lesser extent goats. These animals can be seen standing around town as the local farmers arrive in the innumerable taxis to sell their wares on the curbside."

    So basically, it's a sex-trade tourist hotspot, with local farmers pimping out their asses?
  13. I'm old enough to remember Maun in the days of Lionel Palmer, John Allott, Doug Wright, the Duck Inn etc etc. These were real larger than life old African hands. I can even remember Bobby Wilmot, before he got on the wrong end of a black mamba. It was a great place, now, in many ways sadly, its become nothing much more than a tourist stop off destination. Even the Duck Inn's closed.
    Put Jacana Enterprises (Pty) Ltd into google, when you you get to the Jacana site go to the Jacana photo library and look up "Africa - this is why we live here". It will give you a feel for Africa and the African.
    That said I grew up in Africa and as an old African hand said to me "Africa gets into your heart and into your soul", he was right, it does. It can drive you mad at times but once in your soul its with you for life.