The Joshua Tree - Remastered


Anybody else bought this dog egg of a reissue? First off, I'm not a massive fan of Bonio and his chest beating crusades but the Joshua Tree is one of my favourite albums. I've always felt that the post-production was pretty ropey and 'Streets' in particular seemed to suffer quite badly. Anyway, I was genuinely looking forward to hearing it remastered and in all it's bombastic glory but I was crushed when I started to play it. Any difference is hardly discernible. I've got some fairly cheeky high end hi-fi and 'Streets' still sounds shite! The rest of the album isn't much better either. B sides? Got those already. Videos x 2? Wow. Documentary? What a load of cack - no commentary, no nothing. 5 x postcard-type pictures? Oh yes, the sort of crap a teenager might get off on.

In short, a waste of £25. Knobbers. :x
You've got to love records labels. I work in the music industry and it is the labels that do this rather than any decision of the bands. As they are under contract they actually have very little say in the matter. U2s parent label, Universal Records, actually does this a lot. It's just a money making idea to fleece more cash out of the fans. No wonder less and less people are buying CDs.
This also happens a lot with the Stranglers. As soon as they have done anything to put them into the spotlight, the record company pushes out ANOTHER greatest hits. They have AT LEAST 10 different versions of greatest hits


I'm not entirely surprised that record companies do this - particularly in the run-up to Christmas but I'd be surprised if a band like U2 didn't have a say in the matter. Apparently, The Edge oversaw the remastering process and if he did, he needs to take the cloth out of his ears the bald git.

Trouble is, I have to buy CDs. Although I have an iPod, using that as my primary musical source through my system is an absolute waste of time. Good for what it does but pointless anywhere else. So, people like me end up getting fleeced because I'm a die-hard music fan who wants the absolute best out of the music he listens to. I'm bloody angry about it because I bought it in good faith but I feel seriously cheated. Whether it's the record company's fault or not, you can't treat music fans like this!
You can always take it back and get your money back.

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