The Jolly Miller in Poole

Discussion in 'RAC' started by aghart, May 29, 2010.

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  1. Stood in Falkland square in Poole today dodging the rain and looking at Waterstones and Mothercare and having flashbacks to when those shops were the Jolly Miller pub. Great pub when on courses, even better when your based at Bovvy. When 1 RTR were RAC Centre Regt ( Nov 82/84) I was virtually resident in the place ( well at weekends I was). Wall to wall totty and virtually no punch ups.

    So sad to see what it has become.
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  2. My God!! Is it still there, well I never did.
  3. The Jolly Miller was round the corner from Falkland Square, it's been renamed or closed or summat, :? but it was still there in the 90's... tbh, we preferred The Jolly and the Nelson on the Quay, with a trip up the curly stairs to finish the evening off... and then off to the nurses home at Poole General. 8)
  4. Surely you mean nursing home :twisted:
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  5. I logged on to ask if the Brewers Arms was still there and then got to thinking how long ago it was I used to drink there! If it really was 26 years ago I'll just go sit in the corner with a tartan blanket in my lap and start leaking wee!

    (Mind you, that's how I would end up after a night out 26 years ago, just without the rug.)
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  6. The brewers used to have a brilliant grab a granny night on thursdays, which was a pain in the arse, you had to be on F.P. fri a.m. Unless you were an absolute nerd you had to pull a gran !! The occassional flurry of fisticuffs but a good boozer.
  7. aghart, couldn't agree more. Used to have great times in Poole 81-83 and the Jolly Miller was top of my list.

    Happiest days of my singly life.
  8. A met a Navy guy there once back in the late '70s, his name was Seaman Staines.
  9. Ahh the Miller, what a place, its now a Mothercare :D
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  10. There are plenty of guys who cared for mothers in there when it was a pub so its quite apt actually!
  11. I always thought the Miller was for gays........but then, I am a local.

    What was the name of the, so called, night club on the quay? Woodies/The Viking Club? I forget. It'd been a while.

    Any one else shag little Lisa?

  12. Was that the tranny?

    PS--No I didn't--but the wife did say it could stay with us in Guzz,anytime!!---frantic return phonecall,prompted by me.(ie.-no room at the inn)
  13. Ahh, the Viking Club!

    It was always amusing to read the list of assumed names in the sign-in book on the door - I remember Theophelus P Wildbeast was on the list before me once!

    Also remember pulling a girl with a classic 80's perm - until my 'mate' pointed out the resemblance to Kevin Keegan. After that, point I couldn't concentrate anymore, and had to go back to the bar for another plastic glass of watered-down Hoffmeister.

    What was the dive opposite the bus station? I think it was Grey's before it became Chili's...

  14. The Brewers was renamed the Rising Sun some years ago. It became a Thai restraunt/pub. It's still called the Rising Sun but is now a Gastro/Pub whatever that is. Many Marines from Poole used to have the Brewers as their local until the New London Tavern was renamed the Cockleshell (after the heroes) and has the RM badge as it's pub sign.

    As for Woodies/Viking club. It has now closed down. In fact my ex brother in Law used to own the place.
  15. I'm not sure how proud I should be of my Gold membership from Woody's/ The Viking as was....