The Joker by Pete Scholey (fact)

Discussion in 'The Book Club' started by Mr Happy, Jul 15, 2008.

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  1. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator


    Originally published in 1999 I picked up a copy of the 2007 re-print only recently. It differs from other SAS books in that it covers the period 1962 – 1982 and so therefore isn’t so much a “we are wonderful and I was the best” angle as a “and then this funny thing happened”. The whole book is well written and SSgt Pete Scholey’s stories are based around humour, life and funny anecdotes, it is much closer to us as soldiers as we can appreciate what was happening than the secret squirrel angle taken where tactics and kit are hinted at so beloved by the t.

    I won’t do a full review here but it really is chocker with funny stories and many genuine laugh out loud moments, for which I would go so far to suggest that this is the best SAS book around (or at least that I have read so far). Pete served extensively with Lofty Wiseman and Large and much of his stories cover these great characters. He explains a little of how the CRW Wing (sp?) was set up, his small parts in Princes Gate, and FI as well as his larger parts earlier on in the deserts and jungles. It really is a cracking book. Many potential readers will probably be put off by the ‘age’ of the stories but I will PROMISE you that this is more than made up for in either (a) the breadth of coverage and (b) the quality of the anecdotes and the accompanying humour.

    If you haven’t read it, then I recommend it.

    Here’s some quotes I have typed carefully out for illustration (as I remember them)…

    And I think that these two quotes from amazon reviews hit the nail on the head:

    The second review is exactly the point of this book, walts and 13 year olds won’t enjoy this as much as B20, the average arrse reader however…

    One other point, don’t be put off by the cover – it’s a bit “SAS for boys, aged 7+”.
  2. How very dare you say such wonderful things about Scholey and not even mention one of the 'arrse' moderators who sat alongside him and corrected his spelling. :eek:
  3. I've got his new book, SAS Heroes, and its awesome. Really good review of military life in the SAS, not walty stories for fat cunts at the local airsoft site.

    Excellent read!
  4. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Brilliant, just brilliant. :D

    Another book to add to the reading list.
  5. Pete Scholey is clearly "Old School" - no denigration of those who aren't in "The Regiment": indeed, there's a mature appreciation that all have their part to play & the sum of the parts is greater than any individual unit.

    Like his style - thought it well written and pleasingly free of the "Great I Am" syndrome that often characterises such memoirs. Definitely one of the better "SAS books" - in the same league as "Lofty" Large's memoirs.
  6. Sad to hear that Pete has passed on to the final RV. Pete's sense of humour never stood on ceremony and could be a great leveller, no matter what your rank.

    Like many of the old school, Pete was a reminder of those happy few who joined the Regiment long before the advent of SF pay.

    There may still be a last laugh waiting. Deep respect
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  7. Pete's last gig was played to a packed house, an hour long event was needed to cover a lot of ground. Excellent speakers: LW waxing lyrical as ever.

    The congregation stretched out of sight in to the corridor, for once there were more people there than were reportedly on the balcony at 16 Princess Gate!

    Thanks for the all laughs Pete, still smiling now.

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