The John Barleycorn pub Warminster

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by paveway_3, Jul 20, 2007.

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  1. binned it
  2. Never paid to go into a pub - excepting for an event in aparticular bar.

    Don't - you'll get greety b'st@rd landlords.
  3. Well at least you could get in - most of us round Warminster are banned from that place!! Did Warminster Winnie catch you?? You'll know who i'm talking about if she did!!
  4. Always preferred The Bell myself - JB's always was a sh1thole.
  5. Yep the bell is the best.The bath arms is full of pissed up young toms and gobby pad brats.
  6. Is she still there?
  7. She Must be 100 by now?
  8. JBs is dead until around 2300 when it gets rammed.
  9. If you are ever in Frome (I know) the nightclub LEVEL ONE lets squaddies in for FREE. A saving of a whole 5 quid.
  10. Never pay to go in a boozer. remember the millenium eve when the press were saying 50 quid to go in pubs etc nobody paid and the pubs flopped. If the guy at the door holds his hand out just walk by
  11. Roundly seconded.
  12. One of the funniest sights I've ever seen was in the club at Longleat; big circular foam pit. Squaddie there with his girlfriend, who was about twice his size but a hole is the goal. He was merrily licking the foam around, not knowing that two ton tessie had slipped and was fully submerged in the foam.

    His foot connected with her swede, the relationship ended...
  13. I assume you meant "kicking" otherwise this anecdote takes on a whole new meaning!
  14. Oops fat finger problem. Kicking indeed.