the Jock connection

Discussion in 'The Book Club' started by doonhamer, Apr 29, 2012.

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  1. just finished reading The Jock Connection "on the trail of Billy Bagman the colostomy comic"................ written by a fellow arrser and contributer to Hols for heros! a tale of bent coppers, not so bent coppers, a comic, a mayor,some wifes, sex, farts,and spicy food! Described as an almost burlesque tour-de-force leaning heavily on humor that is not for the politically correct or faint hearted but is of a high chuckle factor throughout. although set in the police force there will be one or two that have served can perfectly relate characters to some in the forces! well worth a read and available on Autharium downloads for £1.99 with donations to both HforH and ovarian cancer. some paper copies can be found but most sold out! if anyone wants one give me a shout and il see what i can do

    Google AUTHARIUM, click on Ebooks, click on book cover, top-right corner of page buy or get a sneak peek at first chapter.
  2. A brilliant , funny read. I can fully recommend this, as an ex Met officer, it rings very true